How You Can Benefit from Caravan Storage

How You Can Benefit from Caravan Storage

For caravan owners, it is like their second home. The thing is people park their caravans in parking lots or just in front of their house—unprotected and unsupervised. It leaves the caravan vulnerable to theft and vandalism. For this reason, every caravan owner should consider availing of caravan storage services.

Some caravan owners might feel comfortable storage their caravans nearby, but for thieves and vandals, this is the perfect opportunity. Besides, you cannot always keep an eye on your vehicle at all times. Due to the recent rise in the number of caravan thefts in the country, you should consider caravan storage services. We will provide you with some of the ways you can benefit from it.

Security Features

The most significant benefit of opting for a caravan storage service instead of storing your caravan in your driveway or near your home is the wide range of security features. Many of these facilities have alarmed fencing, which acts as a security shield covering the storage site. It will discourage thieves from trying to steal your prized caravan. 

Besides, such storage sites have CCTV cameras installed, which monitor the storage site all day. This feature acts as a deterrent to vandals and thieves. Most storage facilities have this feature, along with staff who watch this footage at all times, making sure no one trespasses into the facility. These facilities also electronic entry systems so that unknown people cannot enter the site.

Low Insurance Premium 

All caravan owners want to keep their insurance premiums low. If you park your caravan in your home, which gets stolen, this may lead to the rise in insurance premiums. But once you go for a caravan storage facility for storing your vehicle, the insurance provider will allow for discounts on your insurance policy. Storing your caravan in a proper storage facility with adequate security measures can keep your premiums the same, and even reduce them, in some cases. 

Ease of Access

Provided you have the proper credentials; you can quickly enter the caravan storage facility. It means you can visit the facility anytime to make sure your prized caravan is in good condition. Visiting hours are different for various facilities, especially during business hours. You will come across some selected facilities that provide you with all-day access. 

On-Site Servicing

When you choose a caravan storage facility, you can get a double advantage. Not only do you get a secure place for storing your caravan, but you can also get repairs and routine maintenance work. Some facilities will provide you with such services, which save you the trouble of taking your caravan to a repair station or workshop. Some facilities have all the necessary equipment and human resources to perform repair work on your vehicle.  

Affordable Pricing

The pricing plans for most caravan storage facilities are highly flexible, so you do not need to commit to a long-term contract. Most storage sites will offer their services at flexible rates, including the storage spaces and maintenance work. They will have various plans available for you, ranging from 3 months to 6 months, or even yearly plans. 

You can always opt for a short-term lease if you urgently need a space to store your caravan while looking for better options. With such facilities, you would only be paying for the services that you require.


Keep in mind some of these main benefits while choosing a facility for storing your caravan. Such a service will help you rest easy knowing your caravan is secure, backed with the insurance premium and other expenditures.


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