How to Repair the Cracked Screen of An iPad

repair the cracked screen of ipad

An iPad is an important to manage all the tasks and activities that you do on your laptop. However, sometimes the screen of iPad breaks due to falls or any kind of impact.

Sometimes it is possible to work on a cracked screen, but sometimes it does not display anything.

A broken iPad screen is not the end of world but it can halt your work and burn a hole in your pocket when you take it for repairs.

A cracked screen not only spoils the look of your device, but also hampers the functionality and can be hazardous to your fingers.

However, there are multiple options to repair the cracked screen of your iPad. Let us know more about the options you can use to replace the cracked screen of your device.

Repair the Cracked Screen of An iPad

Access the damage to your screen

The display of your iPad is made up of three layers of glass. A glass panel on the top, a digitizer under the top glass panel, and an LCD below the digitizer comprise the screen of your iPad.

The top layer of glass is for the protection of digitizer and LCD. The function of a digitizer or touchscreen is to respond to the touch of your fingers and swipe actions.

LCD displays the content that you see on your screen. When your device drops or suffers an impact, a single layer or the complete screen can break.

If you are able to use your device despite the cracked screen, it means that only the top layer is broken and the digitizer and LCD is intact.

However, if your device is not displaying anything or the screen is completely dark, it means that the LCD or digitizer id damaged and you need to replace the entire display.

Call on Apple

As your device is the product of Apple inc. you should call the company to check what it can do to replace the screen and how much it will cost.

Even if your device is in the warranty period of one year, Apple does not cover the accidental damage caused due to any reason.

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Have Apple fix your screen

It is best to take the Apple care warranty that costs you $99 for two years. Apple care covers up to 2 accidental damages to your device within 2 years of the warranty period.

However, it costs you a service fee of $49 for each repair. Apple care is available on purchase of its devices but you can also take it within 60 days of purchasing the device.

If you have Apple care, you can get your screen replaced at any or the authorized service centers of the company.

However, if you don’t have Apple care, you need to spend around $200 to $600 for the replacement of your iPad screen. It is much expensive than the replacement of an iPhone screen.

In case of non availability of an Apple service in your area, you can also ship your device to the company for repair.

Third Party Repairs

If you don’t want to take your iPad to an Apple Care center due to high cost of repairs, you have the option to get it done by a third party.

There are many service centers that perform the repairs of Apple devices. You can search online for the tablet repair facilities in your area.

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For example, if you live in Darwin, you can search for tablet repairs Darwin to find out the stores that offer repair services for iPads.

The advantage of getting your iPad repaired from a third part facility is that it costs you less than what Apple charges you.

Moreover, if you don’t have the Apple care warranty or the warranty has expired, you can get it repaired from a third party. However, you need to find a facility that offer high quality repairs and offer a warranty for the same.

Do it yourself

Yes it is possible to replace the screen of your iPad yourself. Although the DIY option is not recommended for all users, iPad owners having some skills and knowledge about phone and tablet repairs can do it themselves.

However, to replace the screen of your device, you need to watch some videos, collect the required tools, and buy the new screen from a genuine spares store.

Users without a technical bent of mind, skill and knowledge should not try to do it themselves and get the screen replaced by the Apple care center or a reputed repair facility.

Final Words

These are the options to fix cracked screen of an iPad. You can choose any of them as per your requirements and the money you want to spend on the repair.

However, it is best to get the screen replaced as soon as possible to get all your work back on track and enjoy using your favorite Apple device.

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