How to find the cheapest car rental: Some tips

how to find the cheapest car rental

Planning for that long-awaited travel? Have you prepared your checklist? You surely must have! But what’s the order of things on there?

Finding cheap flight deals, finding economical hotel deals, places to visit …and what about your car rental?

This predicament is not unique to just you, many travellers either neglect to include car rentals in their itinerary, figuring they could figure it out once they’re there, or just plain forget about it altogether!

While many of these seasoned travellers are pros when it comes to getting cheap flight deals & stay discounts, they might not know much about securing cheap car rentals, which is just as important as the other two.

Especially if you’re travelling to a city that’s crowded, going there for the first time, or travelling with a big group of people, you are likely to not be familiar with local public transport in that city, & in any case, chances are you might not be comfortable using that. 

In such situations, car rentals can come in handy & can provide a lot of help. However, like flights & hotels, they also come in all range of prices, & if you’re on a tight budget, you must know the ways to get a cheap car rental for all your travel needs. 

In this blog, we bring you some tips to secure yourself a cheap, budget-friendly car rental for your travel plans.

Look for car rental deals from different locations

While travelling, you’d presumably be going to several places in a city, so avoid getting a car rental from a single location if you want to save during your trip.

Hiring local car rentals can give you a much better deal than a single company, & will save you money on surcharges & long-distance fares.

The best way to scope out different car rental locations in the city you’re travelling to is to do a simple google search like ‘Car Rentals in Lonavala’ etc.

You can then filter out those search results based on your particular preferences & select the car rental companies whose rates suit you the best.

It’s a well-known travel hack to scour for deals at multiple locations instead of one, & while looking for car rentals, it should be no different.

Shopping for cheap car rentals at different locations can save you a large chunk of money in the long run, & if you’re an avid, frequent traveller, this trick will help you a lot!

Check if you have any membership/employee discounts

While this might seem to be almost aforethought, many travellers forget to check their membership terms & conditions for additional car rental discounts.

Yes, many well-known memberships today have a deal on nearly everything, so it’s infantile to assume that car rentals won’t be one of those.

Global memberships like AAA & Costco give out great car rental discounts & deals to their customers, so if you have any of these memberships, you might as well do a quick check to ensure you get the best deals on your car rentals.

Apart from memberships, there are many comparison sites out there that help you compare & choose the right car rental deal for yourself.

Websites like Hertz, & Kayak are some of the best comparison tools out there, & they consistently provide you with excellent car rental deals for your travel plans.

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It’s also a good practice to check with your HR if your company provides its employees with any good deals on car rentals for travels, as many top-notch companies have employee benefits policies that provide them with cheap, budget-friendly car rentals for their travels. 

It’d also be beneficial to check out if the educational institutes you attended provide some sort of alumni discounts on car rental companies through their alumni benefit programmed or alumni association policies. You can always ask an official or look up your institute online for finding more.

Don’t fall into the Upsell Trap

Once you have zeroed down on a car rental company that provides you with cheap, economical car rentals, go easy before you ink the deal, especially concerning all the additional charges the company might be levied on you as part of their ‘upselling’ agenda, that might drive up the costs substantially in the final tally. 

These charges usually come in the form of insurance that the brokers at the company will try to pass off as a ‘necessity in case of accidents’ & adopt a legal as well as technical terminology to justify the whopping costs.

Don’t fall for this trickery by car rental companies, as most of the times, it’s highly likely that your regular car insurance already covers the cost of accidents during travel & other legalities that ensue afterwards. 

It’d help to talk to your insurance agent beforehand, as he/she can well apprise you with all the terms & conditions of the insurance covers you’ve been provided with, along with all the situations it covers, in case you’re up against a particularly insistent broker at the car rental company. 

In any case, it’s always best to take a moment or two to think thoroughly & clearly before signing the final deal.  

Check out the car rental company website 

Many times, travellers do everything under the sun to ensure they get a good, budget-friendly deal on their car rentals, except the most obvious part, i.e., checking out the car rental company’s website.

This is mostly due to the presence of many mediators/car rental agents/brokers in the process, other times due to carelessness of the travellers themselves.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to go to the car rental company’s website & check it out thoroughly to acquire yourself with all the terms & conditions for rental.

Going through these websites can also give you an idea about any recent promotions the company has rolled out or might give you some insider coupons for availing additional discounts on your car rentals.

Next time you’re looking for cheap car rentals for your travels, make sure to follow these tips to get yourself amazing discounts on your car rentals & save money!

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