How to deal with your partner’s anxiety

How to deal with your partner's anxiety

Maintaining a happy love life takes a lot more effort than what it seems. Also, a heated argument or quarrels are a part of this beautiful unison, an in case some unwanted stress and anxiety enters the personal love life then it’s absolutely essential to identify this interpersonal issue, understand it and cure it in the earliest.

But nothing works better than the positive support of our loved companions. Therefore, if anxiety, distress, and panic attacks are taking their toll on your partner, then there lies a few simple but effective measure that can be done to reduce their anxiety and make them feel comfortable.

7 Tips for Supporting a Partner with Anxiety 

#A romantic partner must not try to be a doctor

It must always be kept in mind that your spouse views you as their husband, wife, lover, poly-amorous partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

And they expected themselves to be treated like your love as well, not as some psychological patient. They cannot be well for your relationship. 

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(If you use Medicine for treatment first consult with your doctor we are not suggest to take medicine).

It is good to let a partner know of his/her mistakes, but it is not okay to pressurize someone to constantly to live up to your demands, and stating their methods are ‘always wrong.’

Interfering in the way they should be living, or leading their lifestyles might make them feel bad and guilty, to not live up to your expectations. This further worsens the situation. 

Administering a therapist-like approach in love life can be highly unromantic and painful. Instead, understand this: nothing means more to your partner than hearing of his/her importance in your life, from you.

Just let them know that their happiness means the world to you because you love them and not impose any condition or rules on your love life.

#Don’t act like a teacher, act like a friend?

In most of the cases, your partner is well aware that reasons behind her stress and anxiety fear are not justified, and he/she will gradually get over it someday.

Therefore it is important to provide them with the positive boost that they seek so that they will gain the courage and strength to let go of their anxieties while having you by their side.

Ask them about what’s bothering them, sit beside them, and listen closely to their words. These approaches will make him/her open up about their sufferings, which is a good way to give him/her helping support.

Let them realize by themselves about how silly their insecurities and anxieties appear in real, and let them decide to put an end to it by themselves because only the affected has the power to choose to stop these distressful thoughts.

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#Give him/her no scope of doubting your love

Any healthy relationship, no matter how much loving and loyal the partners are, will involve possessiveness and jealousy at some point because inferiority is inevitable in love, and is impossible to get rid of these two (a little possessiveness feels sweet as well)

Also, it is absolutely natural for the sudden emergence of an engagement or work, having a sudden work without informer your partner might implant a seed of doubt in his/her mind, thus further worsening the depression.

Thus, it is better to call her and explain it, instead of leaving him/her in the dark, because that may make them feel you are cheating or not interested in him/her anymore.

Moreover, anxious people are super suspicious and will be able to sense if you are hiding something, no matter how trivial the issue is.

So it’s better to let your partner know everything beforehand, or their mind will likely rev into high gear and assume that something shady is going on at his/her back

#Accept the fact that happiness looks different for different people.

What appears as a happy day for an anxious person might be different from that of anybody else. For instance, a day without facing any panic attack or anxiety could be the best day the person has experienced ever.

And it is your responsibility to accept that the perspective of happiness for your partner could be different than others, and nothing would make him/her happier than the fact that his/her partner understands their happiness.

For example, having a sudden wish to get dressed and roam about the block freely might give them a burst of joy, and there is nothing wrong about it either.

#Ensure them that you are there, no matter what

Often one of the greatest fear that a depressed person deals with is they think having so much unnecessary anxiety might push their partner away from them. 

In such cases, it is better to hold their hand and assure them that the two of you will deal with every hardship that comes your way…..together.

#Maintain the balance between love life and your own life

It’s hard to watch the person you love in such pain, and probably even worse for them to be going through it.

But then again, there will be instances when you have to shift your priorities from your partner to your work life or your social circle.

Just remember to check-in and let them know that you’re thinking of them and that your heart belongs to them.

#Find out what works for them and make a plan.

Although it is not possible to know beforehand what’s going to set off a panic attack, it’s smart to backtrack her past experiences for the last couple of months to figure out what has historically increased and decreased your partner’s anxiety, and what you can do when they experience it.

Besides, it’s a much better idea to ask these questions in advance and be ready for such cases than trying to figure it out at the moment.

When someone is hyperventilating or experiencing tunnel vision, it can be hard for them to explain what they need.

If you’re in a new relationship with an anxious person, it is advisable to give him/her some time to ease up and be at her level of comfort while being with you.

This will make him/her trust you, and gradually open up to you

At the beginning of the relationship, there’s the awkwardness of getting to know one another, the question of how quickly you divulge things about yourself, followed by a transition of two unknown persons gradually knowing each other, and growing familiar with each other, as stated by Fluellen.

The symptoms of anxiety on their own make a person feel more vulnerable, so it is better to give them some time while they learn to open up to you and feel safe around you.

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