How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage in Other Caste and Same Cast?

Ways to Convince Parents for Love Marriage (1)

Ways to Convince Parents for Love Marriage in Other Caste

They don’t feel comfortable with such a union in which love preceded the alliance and still believe in the traditional way of picking a life partner through an arranged marriage. Many young women and men also prefer arranged marriages and thus are in a position to have their thankfully. But the problem arises with these couples who believe in the magic of love but their parents oppose their relationships. If you’re one such number then do not worry appreciate birds; as we put forth some sensible tactics to convince parents for love union without hurting them.

Why is it that parents not agree to love marriage?


But with the adaptation to modern lifestyle and advancement in technology, love unions are becoming quite well known in India. The most powerful opposition to adore marriages comes not just from the Indian culture but the parents of the couples.

Here are some reasons why parents are usually against love marriage.

Parents are concerned that their child might fall for the wrong person and end up destroying his/her life. They look after their child so they do their best to guide their child to the right route

Parents normally do not want to go contrary to the wishes of the child but because of social pressure they have to give in. It is a result of the anxiety of what the men and women in the community and society will think about their family the parents oppose love union

Since the caste system is so etched in the minds of the parents, they oppose love union especially if the girl/boy is out of another caste background. Occasionally even same caste love unions are not permitted due to difference of socio-economic statuses between the 2 families

Those parents who are living in rural areas of the country do not find the notion of love marriage acceptable since they’re not liberal; they’re uneducated and ardently believe in upholding age old traditions

Some parents refuse to take the spouse they children selects because the spouse is lacking in great looks, family background or professional standing. These thing a lot to a few of the parents as these can improve the overall standing of the family

There is a general idea among parents that love marriages don’t last long and eventually end in heartbreak. Due to this many parents discourage love marriages

Parents love their children and because of this that they need them to be happy and successful in both their personal and professional life. Put in all your effort, wait and watch patiently as ultimately your parents will provide you their blessings for sure.

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11 Strategies to convince parents to get a love marriage without causing hurt

As an independently, you have the right to choose your life partner. If you discover someone who suits your wavelength and you feel connected to that person then there’s nothing wrong inside. You want to take a stand to get your relationship particularly if you locate your parents not agreeing to it. In the event you are confused regarding what to do if parents oppose your love union then follow along with 11 methods to convince them wholeheartedly.

  1. Make sure of What You Would like from your connection

Before you make an effort to talk to your parents about your connection, it’s essential that you evaluate your connection honestly. Make sure of what you would like from the relationship and whether you both are ready for commitment or not. Without being sure of the connection yourself, you will fail to convince your parents to your love union.

  1. Let your parents know that you have someone in your lifetime

Either directly or indirectly through subtle hints, you need to allow your parents know there is someone special in your lifetime. Don’t commit the mistake of keeping your relationship hidden because if you do this then it will damage your parents. As it is, Indian parents assume that their sons or daughters can never fall in love in their own.You need to show them respect and hope by sharing your feelings with them. Together with that, if you hide your relationship then it means you are also not sure about your selection.

  1. Share your views and thinking with your parents about marriage

You have to make it a point to talk about your views about union along with your parents. Let them understand what things to you the very best like your partner’s educational qualification; character etc.. Sometimes a debate may confront, but you and your parents may develop a amicable consensus. This way you will also understand how rigid they are.

This way they will know what you would like and perhaps will be open to the possibility of a love marriage.

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  1. Show your parents that you are mature and responsible now

Always act in a responsible and mature manner in order for your parents may trust your decision making ability. For instance, have a major role in resolving any issues facing the family; giving a helping hand to your own parents as and when demanded. No one would anticipate the judgment of somebody who seems immature and reckless.

Proving them again and again that you are dependable, honest and sensible will improve their confidence in you and they will probably be able to accept your love marriage readily.

  1. Listen to your parents’ view

It is actually important that you listen to your parents’ perspective and the questions they have regarding your love marriage. Bear in mind that without understanding what they are in fact thinking, you won’t be able to deal with the problems conveniently.

Don’t become defensive but assert your position in a clear and respectful way.

  1. Make positive points to your parents see the best in your partner

For this, you must talk to your parents and let them know why your spouse is the perfect life partner for you. Emphasize the good qualities of your spouse in front of your parents and when possible. Make sure when you do so, you speak about those positives which interest your parents.

It is possible to also propose a meeting between your partner and your own parents so they can fulfill him/her and knock out all their doubts. For this, if you’re able to coach your partner about the goods and the bads, he or she could be able to put their best foot forward confidently.

  1. Take the help of best friends and loved ones

Those relatives and friends that are capable of love marriages will be able to help you convince your visitors easily. This may work wonders if someone in your household has had a love marriage and is happy in his/her married life. You can also take cues from these, and you can also speak about them generally to your own parents to get an idea exactly what they think of the whole event.

An illustration of a prosperous love marriage in your family itself will help you make your point more confidently.

  1. Do not take any rash conclusions and Try to get the support of at least one parent

In regards to the matters of love, you might not take decisions rationally. To convince your parents, you want to have patience and keep your sanity in any way times.

When you observe that your parents disapprove your partner, you might get tempted to depart from your home or marry your spouse with no acceptance. But these are rash decisions which need to be avoided in any way costs otherwise any chance of having your parents acceptance will disappear forever. You will obviously be near one of your parent. So you must make an excess effort to convince your parent because deep he/she loves and knows you a good deal. After convincing the parent who’s close to you, half of the battle will soon be won. Then you may take that parent’s help to speak with your other parent. But ensure that this does not make obstacles between your mother and dad.

  1. Turn down some suggestions of meeting somebody else

But you need to be faithful to your spouse and turn down any hints of meeting somebody else. Be persistent in order that your parents recognize that you truly enjoy your spouse.

  1. Make arrangements for the meeting of both families

When you have done enough to make your parents feel a little comfortable about the idea of love marriage and your spouse, you are able to convince them to fulfill the parents of your spouse.

  1. Keep fighting and do not give up

If you truly love your spouse and would like to spend the remainder of your life with him/her then you have to keep fighting for your love. Regardless of the obstacles that your parents create, you have to remain dedicated to your love and do not give up at any cost.

Success rates and figures don’t paint a fantastic picture for love marriages in India. But this shouldn’t dishearten you. Make such an effort that you are able to convince your parents and even change their mindset. Hopefully, your parents will come about and respect your decision. So we hope you are able to fight the good fight from the prejudices seeing love unions in India.

How to convince your parents for love marriage in the same caste?

It requires a small effort and courage on your part to convince the parents to get love marriage. It would be better if you choose the support of life courses and real incidents to really convince your parents. Here are a some  things that will you can do for convince your parents.

Avoid Surprises

Do not give them surprises. Your parents may somehow feel you’ve broken promises and disappointed them. Even if the girl belongs to the Exact Same caste, do not spring

This on them facing everyone. An individual setting could be better.

Try Learning from the Friends or Family

Trust me, you will not be the very first person who would be picking for a love union. You’ll definitely find some friends or family members who have experienced a love union. Learn from other people how they convinced their parents.

Locate an Ally or a Middleman

It could be a good thing to seek out advice and support from a person who can stand by your side and try convincing your parents. As both of you belong to the exact same caste, it is simple to find someone who understands your family and your girlfriend’s family as well. As it is somebody who your family already knows, there is a possibility your parents may agree if the individual attempts to convince your parents about your partner and their family.

Use Objections to your Own Advantage

Most of the times, parents or people, more specifically do not consent for love marriages because Of cultural differences or social standing. As both of you belong to the exact same culture and caste, you can definitely use this to your advantage.


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