How to Control Your Cell Phone Use

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Why Do You Need To Control Phone Use?

You can’t deny the fact that smartphones are an essential part of our lives, yet it is important to keep a check on its usage because it lays a deep impact on your health too. Your dependence on smartphones can negatively impact your intellect, reduce your attention span and even weaken your social skills as well.

Steps You Can Undertake To Control Phone Use

It is not that you should stop using smartphones completely but what should definitely be done is to control mobile usage. And, for that you may need to take some apt measures. Worry not! We have got you covered, here are some steps you can take to stop mobile addiction

  • Turn Your Phone’s Grayscale

The grayscale makes your phone less desirable to look at. You will especially be able to stop yourself from looking at the colourful icons which pose a lot of distraction. Now, different smartphones have different settings for turning on the grayscale. The accessibility category in your phone’s settings gives you access to the grayscale.

  • Use An App To Stop Mobile Addiction

One of the best apps that can help you see phone usageis Social Fever App which comes loaded with tons of features.

Stop Mobile Addiction

The nifty app helps you define a time limit to each and every app. The moment you exceed the defined time limit you are intimated and then you can move your eyes off the screen.

The app also motivates you to take up hobbies that interest you the most which would further help you reduce your screen time. The app also lets you monitor your eye and ear health and helps you track your water consumption as well.

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  • Have A Night Routine To Get Rid Of Your Smartphone

It is said that you should dim down all the blue lights when going to bed. And, a significant amount of blue lights comes from your smartphone. However much ever you might use your smartphone in the day, it is important that at least in the night, you keep your smartphone away. It could be difficult beacuse night time is the time when there are hardly any disturbances and you would be inclined to check upon your smartphone for notifications, messages and many other things.

You can start off by keeping your smartphone at a distance so that you will actually have to make an effort to reach your phone. Secondly, as mentioned above you can turn on the grayscale mode or dim the lights, so that the lights are dim enough to not disturb you.

You can install the app direct from Play store.

  • Complicate Your Access To Apps
Complicate Your Access To Apps

Apps are so easily accessible. All it takes is a tap and the app unfurls its Apps in a way to increase mobile addiction and to stop mobile addiction, one thing that you can do is to complicate your access to apps. This should especially be done to those apps which pose a lot of distraction. You should remove such apps from the home screen to begin with. After you have removed such apps, you can create subfolders and put the apps there.

  • Turn Off Notifications
Turn Off Notifications

To control mobile usage, you should control notifications popping on your smartphone as much as possible. Notifications from apps keep on appearing every now and then on screens and they are one of the reasons for our anxiety. Which is why we are inclined to immediately turn to our phones and check them. The bottom line is if there is an app that you don’t use much, you should first switch off notifications for that app.

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  • Go On A Smartphone Diet

To control mobile usage,apart from refraining to use smartphone at night, you should assign hours of the day when you would not even look at your smartphone screen. This is the time, when you should not answer texts and even refrain from answering calls as well.

So, these were some of the steps using which you can stop mobile addiction and live a life on which you have complete control. It might take you sometime to imbibe above habits but once you get a hang of these, you’ll be much happier.


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