How to Check Your Document for Plagiarism Online?

How to Check Your Document for Plagiarism Online

Checking plagiarism online is not difficult at all, especially if you have the right key and treat to do it, if you don’t know about online plagiarism checking then you are in the right place, and today you should take our word as it is the right thing to learn about it. Usually, people are more familiar with offline tools that are downloadable on our devices and work with a paid package, and you can take the example of Turnitin.

You guys should know that these offline tools are very overrated and are not at all easy to use, plus their reliability is also not more promising than any other free, well-reputed, and well-designed tool on the internet. We want you guys to read this four-minute article till the end so that you can know how to check plagiarism online!

While talking about online plagiarism checker tools it is important that you know about the best one, there are dozens of free and paid online services that you can use to check plagiarism online but according to our research and experience not all of them are reliable, so the first question is of reliability and accuracy.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to get into the research work as we have already collected the data and all the information about the best online tool available on the internet. So without any delay, let us move towards its details while we can!

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Plagiarism checker by the Search engine reports!

While talking about online services the first name that comes in our mind, especially while talking about seo services is search engine reports, and you will be surprised to know that plagiarism checker tool by the SER is one of the most well-designed, organized and easy to use tools on the web today. You must know that plagiarism detection is very much important, and you just can’t risk submitting a content having plagiarism in it, especially if you don’t want to face penalties and legalities.

Now people avoid plagiarism checking because of the complex interfaces of the tools that are not at all easy to use, and this is the very reason we have stated some bullets below that will teach you how to check plagiarism online with search engine report’s plagiarism checker, you must rest assure that there is no tool on the web simple and easier than the one by SER.

  • Go to this address on your browser, may it be of your desktop system, smartphones, or even tablets.
  • To analyze the text and detect plagiarism, the tool simply needs to go through the text from top to bottom, and that is why you have to enter the content in the tool by using multiple options best suited for you guys.
  • When you have selected the suitable method of input and have entered the content for proofreading, you just have to press the ‘check plagiarism’ button below the huge toolbox.

As easy as it looks by reading, the easier it is to operate the tool, plus you should know that the tool has many qualities and features that make it even more fun and easy to use.

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Qualities of the tool that makes it a featured one on the web!

  1. First of all, you guys should know that this is one of the only tools with the highest input limit, you can check up to 2000-words in one go with the help of this plagiarism checker.
  2. The tool can access dropbox and can get your online docs from there if you use the dropbox icon.
  3. The tool has the ability to upload various formats of docs from your default gallery, so you don’t have to worry about copying content that needs to be checked.
  4. The tool is also capable of checking plagiarism with the help of website URL, just enter the URL of the site, and the tool will tell you about any traces of plagiarism in the content and also if any other site is using your content.
  5. The tool is capable of checking plagiarism thoroughly with the help of the latest technology, and it shows results with the percentage of uniqueness and duplication.
  6. The tool can compare multiple docs for similarities and any kind of duplications.
  7. The sentence wise result producing feature of the tool makes it more convenient for a user to know which part of his/her work has duplication in it and can rephrase or remove the plagiarized work from work.
  8. You can easily download the report generated by the tool in PDF format for authentication.
  9. You can check your grammar errors with this tool.

You guys should use this tool and give it a whirl as there are no limitations of formalities for using this tool and that for free too!


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