How to Build an Exceptional Web Presence for Your Small Business

How to Build an Exceptional Web Presence for Your Small Business

Just because you may be running or starting a small business doesn’t mean you can get away without a comprehensive online presence. In this day and age, having a strong digital mark is a must-have when a proper marketing strategy is concerned. Not to mention that with an informative website and social media profiles, you can reach your target audience better, thus putting your small business on the right track for long-term success and growth. Utilize the following tricks if you want to build an exceptional web presence for your small business.

Create a user-friendly website

These days, people will always do a Google search in order to find out the solution to their problems. This is why not having a business website can cost you profit and revenue. What’s more, people are less likely to trust your business even if they hear about you from others if they go online to look you up and find out that you don’t have a business website. 

But, having a business website is not everything. It should also be user-friendly! This means that the design has to be intuitive and easy to follow and understand. Boost the loading speed as much as possible and use comfortable colors that represent your brand properly. Remember, users should be able to find the most important information about your business on your website quickly and trouble-free, even if they’re not overly tech-savvy!

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Make the most out of social media

Aside from your business website, utilizing social media in this day and age can be especially profitable for a small business. After all, this is how the modern market does their research when they want to check the credibility and trustworthiness of a small business. That said, make it a point that your social media profiles are informative and active. Use them to your advantage in order to create your unique brand voice and image, as well as a source of feedback in regards to your products/services.

Social media is the key ingredient for a smart digital marketing strategy, but you should always focus on those social media channels that your target audience uses. Tracking the metrics, analyzing reports, and otherwise reading the analytics is crucial for the final success. This is where custom digital marketing reporting tools can come in handy. As a small business, you should make things easier for yourself wherever you can, and instantly getting real-time data and KPI’s from your marketing channels from a comprehensive reporting tool is a great start.

Improve your SEO efforts

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s definitely one of the best ways to increase your search engine rank and put your business in the spotlight. Essentially, this is where the keyword research will prove to be very valuable. You want to find the right keywords for your small business but avoid clashing with the corporate giants within the same niche. Once you have your target keywords, your goal should be to use them carefully throughout your business website and social media.

That said, there’s no better way to boost your SEO efforts and give a voice to your brand at the same time than to start your own business blog and post meaningful content on a regular basis. You can then share that content on your social media channels.

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Build relationships by adding value

As you build a web presence for your small business, you have to keep in mind that users are always looking for value and stronger relationships with the brand. Therefore, it’s not enough to just do the digital marketing bit in an impersonal manner. You have to reach out to the customer base itself.

Essentially, the best way to make some buzz around your small business is to start actively participating in social media groups (such as those on Facebook and LinkedIn), answer user questions on Quora, make your presence known on the industry forums, and so on. Just like with the user questions on your business social media channels, it’s very beneficial to create engagement on the Internet in this fashion and spread the word about your brand, efficiency, and good reputation.

Stay consistent with your branding

Before you venture into the world of website building, social media, and digital marketing, you have to be aware of the fact that the crucial ingredient for all of these strategies to work in favor of your exceptional online presence is strong branding. Therefore, you have to come up with the right branding image, message, and identity for your business, even if you’re just starting out.

The branding consistency is the key if you want to be remembered by your target audience, which is the ultimate goal of every business nowadays when the market is so saturated. Everything you do, from your website and blog design, color palette you use, your business slogan, name, and logo to your social media posts, tone of voice, and type of posts you put out should remain consistent with the image you wish to portray to your target audience.

Building an exceptional web presence for your small business is a continuous process. So, don’t expect that you’ll be able to focus on it for a month and then leave it be. Make sure to address the analytics and reports constantly in order to update and improve your marketing and online presence accordingly. 


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