How laughing gas can help a dentist to manage kid’s sedation?

How laughing gas can help a dentist

Dental pain and infections can occur at any age. Kids with dental anxiety need a lot of care and handling with patience, especially in their growing age. Some dental procedures will require them to undergo sedation or anesthesia. It might need the kid to lay still. The sound of drilling and the pressure of tooth extraction would be scary for them. To avoid building dental anxiety in their young minds, ask their pediatric dentist about the benefits of laughing gas or nitrous oxide dental sedation.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

 What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, helps in reducing anxiety and pain during a child’s dental treatment. The dentist administers your child nitrous oxide through a small mask placed over their nose. It supplies nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen, which relaxes the kid. The recovery is fast, and its effects wear off quickly. It is useful while filling the cavities, or cleaning teeth. Sometimes the dentist administers laughing gas along with anesthesia to ease the pain. This way, your kids’ anxiety is manageable for good oral health.

Pre instructions:

  • You should avoid giving your kid a heavy meal before the treatment.
  • The patient should be empty stomach if necessary before treatment.
  • Patients with contact lenses should remove them before taking laughing gas as any gas leaks may cause drying of eyes.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of taking laughing gas.

1. Quick to Relax

 1. Quick to Relax

When your kid takes nitrous oxide, he or she is still responsive and awake during the procedure. It relaxes your child so that the dentist can take care of their teeth while sitting on the dentist’s chair. It gives your child a giddy feeling, which makes them giggle during the treatment yet being cooperative. Encouraging your kid to talk about their dental phobia is very beneficial. For example, some kids feel helpless, and that makes them scared. As compared to other types of dental sedation, laughing gas relaxes your child without losing their consciousness.

2. Quick to wear off

The best feature of nitrous oxide dental sedation is that its effects wear off quickly. Your child can get back to his or her routine after their dental appointment. The result of nitrous oxide lasts till the time the child wears the nitrous oxide breathing mask. Once your child removes the mask, the effects wear off within a few minutes. Whereas in the case of oral sedation, you should monitor the kid for the rest of the day by keeping them home. After nitrous oxide sedation, your kid won’t be feeling sleepy, hence decreasing the recovery time.

3. No lingering side effects

Adults or kids, laughing gas is safe for every age group. It causes no lingering side effects, and the patients can drive home by themselves post their dental treatment. Your kid might feel heaviness on their limbs or light-headedness while breathing nitrous oxide, but that is one of the typical symptoms of nitrous oxide. These symptoms wear off as soon as the patient removes the mask.

4. Awake and aware

 4. Awake and aware

There is better cooperation of your kid like keeping their mouth wide open or tilting their head as laughing gas will not make them sleepy. They will be aware and awake in the procedure.Take your child to a dentist near you and get more knowledge regarding this. Or you can also google pain free dentistry near me to find the best dentist in your town.

5. Reduces Dental Anxiety

The more your kids feel anxious about dental care, the less likely they are taking an interest in an oral care routine. Laughing gas helps in creating a better impression of an oral care routine. It will encourage kids to go for regular dental checkups without any dental anxiety. They will take more interest in learning oral hygiene that will last a lifetime. The growing stages of a child are very crucial in forming positive impressions of dentists and dental care. That is why Laughing gas is beneficial in keeping your kid calm and helps the dentist in performing their treatment.

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6. Reduce gagging

A strong gag reflex can meddle with the necessary dental procedures, radiographic examination, sealants, restorative dentistry, and fluoride treatment. For example, sometimes, a child may have to gag with the mouth mirror being outside too. A gag reflex happens mostly due to genetic, physiologic, or psychological factors. At these times, the distraction techniques like fluttering the toes or humming might not always work. Dentists can turn to gag reducing the benefits of Nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide reduces the gag reflex but doesn’t have any effect on cough reflex.

7. Helpful in treating mentally/physically disabled patient

Nitrous oxide dental sedation technique is effective in patients with mental and physical disability. The level of effectiveness might differ from patient to patient. For a hyperactive child, nitrous oxide will decrease the level of liveliness. For a patient with cerebral palsy, it increases the time for treatment. A behaviorally immature child is the one who doesn’t behave according to their age. Nitrous oxide is not effective in a behaviorally naive child, but with a suitable behavior modification technique, you can achieve success in achieving a child’s cooperation. Nitrous oxide dental sedation is worth trying before going for general anesthesia or deep sedation.

8. A patient for whom profound local anesthesia is not an option

In some patients, local anesthesia is not very useful. The patient might be suffering from a severe infection, or the pain tolerance level might be less. The pain-relieving properties of nitrous oxide help increase the pain tolerance level in patients. Administering nitrous oxide will also help the dentist to deliver an injection conveniently.

9. A cooperative child undergoing a lengthy dental procedure

Young kids don’t have the patience to sit still for an extended period. Administering nitrous oxide deceives the kid of the amount of time and is successful in a hypnotic suggestion like using storytelling and imagery.


You now know how nitrous oxide is helpful for the dentist in better management of kids’ oral care routine. There are fewer chances of complications connected with N2O/O2 dental sedation in kids. In case a complication occurs, that can be due to poor technique. The problems start to appear when the dosage increase above 50%. It causes an increase in unfavorable side effects. The usual side effect shown by children is vomiting due to either an overdose or prolonged administration. So, take your child to a dentist that is expertise in sedation dentistry.


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