How can you boost social media marketing ROI? Key tips to consider

Most effective tips to enhance social media marketing ROI

Social media platforms have emerged as the most effective marketing tools for most marketers across the business niches and size simply because unlike traditional media ads they involve less expenditure but exceptional skills. To make social media marketing successful in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), keep the following tips in mind.

Tips To Improve Social Media Marketing ROI

Measuring and Evaluation is Important

All businesses irrespective of niches now use social media platforms these days, but only a handful of companies achieve great ROI. The principal reason why most companies fail to achieve great ROI is that many of these companies undermine the importance of measuring and evaluating their social presence.

It is common knowledge that improving something is really impossible if you don’t measure or evaluate it. This is why every brand should evaluate certain parameters if their social marketing such as brand awareness, lead generation, and lead conversion, customer retention, etc. You need to evaluate what are the goals of your marketing efforts on social channels could achieve.

Every Social Media Marketing Platform is Different

Let us admit one big truth. Every social media platform is different in respect of the audience, the kind of content mostly finds success in these platforms, the marketing techniques that easily get through these platforms and several other factors. Some of the leading social media platforms are respectively Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

Billions of people regularly visit and remain active on these platforms. While these platforms represent irreplaceable pillars of digital marketing campaigns, they are intrinsically different from one another in many respects. This is why an aspiring small business trying to use these platforms must understand how a Facebook status differs from a tweet or an Instagram post. In the same manner LinkedIn a completely different platform with a different type of audience while YouTube is not just for entertainment videos.

Here are some useful tips to use social platforms differently.

  • First of all, choose a limited number of social media platforms that you can actually manage on a regular basis.
  • Make use of hash tags to boost visibility on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Facebook works best if you can produce a variety of content types with an eye on relevance, uniqueness and popularity.
  • On LinkedIn publish expert content and only focus on your marketing pages.
  • Make use of Google+ to target a greater audience with evergreen and valuable content.
  • Make use of Instagram to boost your social media marketing with interesting images and visuals.

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Collaborate With Social Influencers

Collaborate With Social Influencers

While every business brand is after chasing the social media influencers, you just cannot make a great impression to the top influencers so they can take up your brand for promotion just following the first approach. It needs consistent presence, some buzz from followers and regular traction.

But influencers play a highly effective role in blowing out your brand message and creating loud buzz in a short span of time. There cannot be a better social media marketing technique than collaborating with the social influencers. As per most survey reports, influencer recommendations and posts are responsible for a considerable portion of buying decisions.

But while influencers will continue to enjoy the same importance in the scheme of things for marketers, often getting big influencers on board can be a big challenge. This is when micro-influencers can come to your rescue. Instead of hounding for the stalwarts of the industry, get cosy with influencers with good outreach and a follower base in certain pockets. Their engagement gradually can give your social presence the buzz it requires.

In this respect, it is extremely important to target influencers whom your audience respects and listens to.

A Robust and Killer Content Strategy

Social media is 80% content and 20% contacts. Based on quality and informative content you can build a reputation that can easily achieve traction from a large audience. This is why a robust and killer content strategy is the key to social media marketing success.

When it comes to content, always maintain a balanced approach with a focus on unique content. You must provide at least 80% unique or first-hand content while keeping a thin space for recycled but relevant content in your niche.

Another important thing is to maintain a better mix of different content types instead of sounding monotonous with a single type of content. From regular social blog posts, make use of infographics, images, memes, videos, animations, GIFs and all sorts of contents to make things interesting and engaging.

In this respect, you should also remember that a genetic mix of content can be ideal for Facebook, but Twitter demands small, sharp-pointed and highly context aware content based on trending hashtags. Instagram works better with captivating visuals with context aware hashtags. LinkedIn is great for professional content targeted towards industry experts, business people, strategists and techies.

Make Use of User-Generated Content Extensively

Finally, don’t turn your eyes from the increasing popularity of the user generated content that can help brands gathering trust and gaining discoverability in quick time. Since consumers tend to trust other users instead of the hollow marketing messages, brands on social media platforms are increasingly utilising user-generated content as social proof. A recent survey reported that a whopping 56% of the consumers covered in the survey are likely to buy something after discovering it through user generated content.

It is important to engage your target users creatively so that they feel motivated to post user generated content showcasing your products or services in real-life contexts. By sharing and re-sharing your customers you can boost the morale of the customers and encourage them to share such content regularly. Most people say that being featured in promotional posts by brands is a badge of honour. Naturally, instigating people to share such content is not difficult if you can use creative measures like running contexts with hashtags, etc.


Generating consisting marketing ROI from social media platforms requires a very consistent, persistent and creatively focused approach. Apart from utilizing the above measures, brands should always focus upon engaging conversation with the audience on a day to day basis.

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