How Can Marijuana Affect Motivation and Uplift Your Spirit

How Can Marijuana Affect Motivation and Uplift Your Spirit

Marijuana has psychoactive properties, thus can alter a person’s state of mind. It can change your consciousness as well as shifting your perception and make you see things from a different angle.

The effects of marijuana are different for everyone. There are many different strains of marijuana, and they come in various forms such as candies, and edibles, not forgetting cookies, which trigger unique experiences to different people. The effects of marijuana are stronger and last longer when you ingest it.

Just as people use marijuana for various reasons, you should always know that you will catch up with pot after using it for at least three or more times. Marijuana’s undeniable medicinal properties range from pain management to anxiety and depression treatment.

Marijuana on motivation

Marijuana on motivation

In legal marijuana states, those who exercise after smoking marijuana report that they do so for longer than those who don’t. A research survey in Colorado reports that at least 80 percent of those under review use marijuana shortly before they start their exercises and even after training.

Some users say that marijuana makes them enjoy exercise more and make the whole experience a wonderful one. Others say that cannabis helps in boosting recovery from minor pains and aches, while others say that it heightens their motivation.

Many marijuana users confirm that it improves their performance, but you should only use it if you are not participating in sporting competitions. The world anti-doping agency doesn’t allow the use of marijuana in sports since it has the potential to improve performance.

Marijuana dampens the perception of pain and binds to those same receptors which activate naturally in the brain when a person is high.

There is a correlation between dopamine and cannabinoids CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the brain. Marijuana hijacks the existing receptors to produce endogenous neurochemicals. Dopamine is responsible for generating the behavior that drives people to achieve any dreams they so desire in life and sport as well. Canada marijuana has a whole lot of marijuana strains for motivation; visit their website for all your needs.

Spiritual uplifting with marijuana

Spiritual uplifting with marijuana

It can be tricky to work with marijuana for spiritual purposes, and therefore it is crucial to establish how you can skillfully benefit from cannabis. Several factors can affect the short term as well as long term marijuana spiritual effects.

Factors that influence how you benefit from marijuana include; how frequent you use it, the dosage, and your attitude to marijuana. The specific setting of your mind and its state during the time of taking it and not forgetting how well you can control your quiet moment for stillness moments, just like in meditation.

The sacred herb, marijuana, is an ally for awakening. We thoughtfully use cannabis with our set intention and focus. Marijuana may be able to shine a light on illusions that we carry within us and enable us to release them in an open-hearted and more relaxed presence that we feel is cool and real.

Why do we need to have an intention to take marijuana for a heightened spirit? Because the purpose is the critical point in realizing that you need to work with pot for your spirituality. Cannabis meditation may be of help in freeing the heart of its heavy contents compassionately.

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The physical effects of marijuana

Physical energy is vital in transforming the spirit, and therefore physical strength is essential, and you must provide it to enable spiritual energy experience. Physical and mental healing is inseparable in whichever way.

Marijuana effects help in loosening the muscular structure that is activated when you use marijuana for spiritual awakening. The body feels light when it relaxes and energizes at the same time, increasing the well-being and joy as well. It is the same reason why marijuana users claim that it is euphoriant.

The spiritual benefit of marijuana buds does not come with the immediate high, meaning that the user can recognize themselves in the ”post marijuana meditation”.

The dosage

There is no one size dose of marijuana that is fit for spiritual awakening. So, it is upon you to experiment with the dosage on your own, and you will get flexible and straightforward tips from an expert that can help you to identify the right dosage for spiritual uplifting.


Although marijuana may help you to let loose your illusions and help you see above and beyond the veil, it does not train you how to do it. It can create a dependency for you to return to marijuana time and again to seek its assistance. It is through this way that you become dependent on marijuana for your spiritual meditation.

It can help if you protect yourself from the psychotic effects of marijuana and set your intention for wanting marijuana experience straight. Failure to establish a clear plan for eating edibles or smoking will prevent you from experiencing the benefits of marijuana, be it be for motivational purposes or spiritual awareness.


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