How Can Home Tuition Benefit Students?

How Can Home Tuitions Benefit Students

Home tuition or private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular day by day as it proves useful in not just improving a particular student’s academic grade, but also helps in boosting his/her confidence, contributing to overall personality development.

Parents nowadays often engage a home tutor for their children, considering the upgradation of subjects in schools. However, to ensure that their children score well in their exams, it is imperative for them to get home tuition in important subjects, especially Maths and Science.

Students studying in Class 10 are on the threshold of Board exams. The grades scored in 10th Standard have a noteworthy impact on their academic track record in the successive years. It is therefore important for parents to get home tuition for Class 10 students as it helps the learners to prepare well and excel in the exams.

Here are some reasons why and how home tuitions can prove beneficial for Class 10 students:

  • Customized Classes:

One of the most significant reasons why home tuition for Class 10 could prove beneficial to students is that it can easily be customized, suited to the requirements of every student. This will help a private tutor to adjust the pace of the study plan and focus on critical areas, based on the needs and capabilities of a student.

  • Saves Transit Cost:

Taking home tuition helps students to study from the comfort of their homes without wasting extra time and effort in travelling to coaching centres. Online learning platforms like BYJU’S provide live online home tutions that students can attend without moving out of their homes. Students can choose a respective topic and select a time slot for home tuition on a particular subject. The tutors are available to clarify all their doubts and discuss key concepts.

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  • Flexibility to Select the Suitable Tutor:

It is a known fact that teachers at schools are always in a hurry to complete the syllabus within a fixed timeframe and are often not able to give individual attention to every student. Therefore, getting the right tutor or home tuition for Class 10 can engage and inspire the learner to make a huge difference in his/her learning abilities.

It is believed that students tend to pay more attention and respond better to a teacher whom they are comfortable with, in terms of both learning style and temperament. This implies that a mentor who guides and inspires them can have a positive impact on the students and increase their concentration power.

  • Open and Safe Two-Way Communication and Discussion:

At school, most students are unlikely to ask queries to the class teacher in front of the entire class due to coyness and hesitation to ask simple and trivial questions. Hence, such small things cause a lot of confusion and they feel lost and lag behind in certain topics. It is here home tuition has a role to play as it gives more confidence and makes the environment hesitation-free for students to speak out. Home tutors encourage two-way communication, so that the student feels comfortable in discussing complex topics and clarify their doubts without any inner misgivings.

In summary, home tuition for Class 10 is one of the most effective ways of learning and preparing well for the Board exams. If you’re looking for the best home tuition for your child, you can check at BYJU’S to find the finest tutors of different subjects across India.


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