Give your outfit an edgy touch with 7 outerwear

Give your outfit an edgy touch with 7 outerwear

Rocker-chic wardrobes are edgy and sexy – just look at Jessica Jones. They represent a style that many of us go gaga over. It could be the badass image that attracts us to such apparel. Or it could be the unexpectedness that draws us to this kind of dressing.

These days, edgy doesn’t entail dressing yourself in baggy and frumpy jeans. Neither does it lend itself well to grungy costumes that swallow you whole. It isn’t edgy to put on ghoulish caked-on Gothic makeup either. No, nowadays, edgy is more rock-and-roll. It is also why it isn’t just the average fashionista who readily embraces rocker-chic these days.

You’ll also spot some stars and fashion icons treasuring this aesthetic mix. Look out for flowy, figure-flattering dress with unusual footwear and oversized denim jackets paired with off-the-beaten-path tops.

You may have seen the fashion idol, Gigi Hadid, sporting this look too. Whether she does it by dressing in ripped jeans or sports studs and spikes, the celeb loves her rocker-chic accessories. You’ll also find Madison Beer and Cara Delevingne nailing this edgy and modern vibe too often.

If the celebrities aren’t saying no to it, why shouldn’t we dress with an edgy touch? That was the impetus behind today’s blog. We mention a few articles of clothing, footwear, and accessories – all outerwear – that will give your outfit that edgy touch too:

Skinny black jeans

Your trust pair may be coated, plain, shredded, or even mineral-washed. But it is an essential part of your wardrobe. If you don’t have skinny black jeans, then quickly fix that mistake!

When buying a pair, pay attention to the waist size because the length is fixable. Simply cuff the jeans two and a half times after pulling it on. It will make your legs look as if they do on forever! Additionally, the cuffs will also allow you to flaunt your killer footwear.

When dress cazsch, create a suitable ensemble with canvas sneakers, a utility jacket, and a concert tee. For nights with friends, pair your black skinnies with sky-high ankle boots, a high ponytail, smokey eyes, and a crop top.

 black skinnies with sky-high ankle boots

Head over sneakers

You need a pair of sneakers in your closet if you intend to dress edgy every now and then. Put them to the test when you pair them with a dress instead of wearing heels or sandals. The NYC look is urban and edgy.

Create a juxtaposition where you dress both down – by wearing sneakers – and with – with jewelry. Oh, and the comfort of these kicks is unbeatable. So, you will keep looking great without torturing your toes.

Crop topping

An obvious contemporary trend that’s growing on us includes the pairing of crop tops and high-waisted skirts or pants.

Usually, the skirt is textured, feminine, and form-flattering. For that edgy touch, we’d recommend contrasting the femininity of the skirt with a simple, no-bells crop top.

Pull-on your gold bracelets with spikes on them. Complete the look with a ponytail. You see, the way the skirt ends just above your hips exposes a small area of skin under the bust line.

What’s more, the crop top won’t be of any help in covering it up, either. Conclusion? Intense sexiness and edginess.

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Black outfits

Whether you run a fashion blog or not, dressing well comes from the heart – and having a fashion sense, sure.

Spring will soon be here, and those of us who don’t embrace the edginess will dress in whites and nudes. But we know better and will counter that by bringing out the black!

Mix textures even if you don’t want to stay goodbye to a monochromatic black look. Black leather jackets with leather piping or with little flowers painted on them will look as good in the spring.


Think zippers when you want to give your outfit an edgy touch. Experiment with the position of zippers, such as along the shoulder, in the front neckline, or even your ankle seams. Or, replace buttons with them to approach that edgy, classic look. Or, choose a jacket with zippers all over it, including the side vents, pockets, and sleeves.

Signature jacket

An awesome navy blue leather jacket will keep you toasty in the winter. But that isn’t enough when you are looking for your signature jacket. Such a piece also needs to suit your style.

If navy blue doesn’t scream edgy, then you can always go for a black leather one. In fact, when you’re heading to a party, your black denim jacket will work in lieu of a smart blazer. Moreover, it can also help you create the double denim effect — pair it with your black skinnies.

But while a signature jacket is a popular alternative style choice, it doesn’t have to be a well a jacket. It can also be a plaid pea coat. Or, you may consider a solid-colored trench coat. No? Then how about a bomber jacket? When you discover the jacket that suits your look, you will know!

Signature jacket

Edgy footwear

If one wardrobe article has alternative and edgy in spades, it would be the boots. They are great in the winters and can take a look from punk to gothic edge in a heartbeat.

Consider chunky black leather ones and combine them with grungy styled clothes. Or, look for a pair with spiked heels and wear them with gothic outfits. If functionality matters to you, then rain or work boots will look great with heavy metal fashion too.

But then footwear doesn’t just mean boots. You can find other options besides boots. For instance, lace-up sneakers in black and white will do too. Or choose bold-colored pumps for an edginess that is comfy too.

So, these were our ideas that can make your outfit edgier. We’d recommend purchasing a pair of sneakers, boots, and skinny jeans for your wardrobe. Doing so will help you put together with other ensembles in the future — ones that are equally edgy and new.


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