How to Fix the HP Printer Black and White Issue

Fix the HP Printer Black and White Issue

The black and white issue can be fixed in a very simple and easy manner in hp printer, first, you need to select the Hp printer properties to specify the number of copies than from the option of color preferences select print in black in only. Or select print in grayscale only. Please disable the option for colored ink so that the document is printed as per the specified ink type. 

Hp Printers use a color called “photo black” these prints gray when you print in color. You can insert your Hp printer head into warm water and then reinstall the cartridge if the black ink does not print the test reports will print blank this shows that the new cartridge is empty and faulty.

Key steps to fix the black and white issue in Printers

Step #1

The best way to determine your cartridge is accurate is the test report resulting in black color.  Please note from the Hp printer settings you need to set print in black & white as a default setting so that you get the desired output.

While purchasing a cartridge always purchase a branded and a sealed one this will help eradicate this recurrent issue again and again.

Please also ensure that realignment is done when the cartridge is newly installed this will help in smooth and efficient printing always.

Step #2

Printing anything and everything in the black and white setting is the most cost-effective and economical way of printing and not going well condition link hp printer not printing then use this method to solve the problem. For meetings and other day-to-day tasks, you can print in draft mode.

Step #3

As a user the black and white ink can be selected to print any important official documents. The only thing a user forgets that if the cartridge has been refilled or has dried up when you replace the same always remember to recalibrate the Hp printer not printing this will resolve your issue to a great extent.

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Step #4

From the dialogue box of the Hp printer select print in black & white, this will allow you to print in the black and white issue or hp printer not printing issues arise. The Hp printer always needs to be realigned after a paper jam or a cartridge reinstallation.

If you are printing remotely please ensure that the ink preferences are selected from your mobile device on the hp smart app this will help you print in black and white ink and also solve the hp printer, not printing issue.

Step #5

On your system, you can visit the official website of the hp printer and press the troubleshooting options to resolve all kinds of printing errors that are occurring.

If the Hp printer driver is not updated the chances are high that this may also prevent you from hp printer not printing black and white as the Hp printer may not understand the cartridge well.

Please ensure the cartridge is clicked appropriately to ensure that printing commands are carried out well.

Step #6

Another way for fixing the Hp printer not printing in black ink is the kind of paper it’s using. The black ink comes in two kinds dye-based and pigment-based.

The first kind works well on glossy paper, the second one works well on normal paper. The quantity of ink used in printing depends on the kind of paper selected and printers.

Step #7

Timely maintenance, updating of drivers, and keeping a close check of the Hp printer cartridge ink levels are extremely essential to avoid this recurring issue.

Also please note every Hp printer and issue of hp printer not printing black ink has a life cycle we must replace the Hp printer also in a timely manner after 4 to 5 years so that these issues do not occur and cause a hindrance in the printing and day to day work activities to solve the problem of hp printer not printing black ink. 

What cause errors while printing HP Printers:

Print heads can be clogged there are two ways to fix this issue, most of the time the Hp printers with the advancement of technology have a self print head cleaning and maintenance feature.

The other way is print head can be cleaned by you by manually detaching it from the Hp printer. However, there is a disadvantage in the automatic print head cleaning it uses up a lot of ink. Manually cleaning the print head works out more cost-effective.

In order to carry out your printing work, it is essential to ensure that the Hp printer, not printing recognizes the cartridges you can reinstall the old cartridge to ensure that your Hp printer is giving out a proper output or not. 

In the case of the old cartridge prints successfully then this determines that either the new cartridge installed is not appropriately installed or it’s faulty in nature and needs to be replaced with immediate effect.

Never allow the cartridges to dry up. This will always cause an error in the heavy-duty hp printer printing.

Keep a close check on Ink levels as this may be another big reason that prevents you from Hp printer printing in black & white.

Please ensure the same setting is selected in the system and Hp printer so that they sync with each other to provide the desired output.

HP printers are also compatible with iPhones and Ipad etc into it not arise the problem of hp printer not printing black ink and white ink.

While printing a document or file please ensure the ink preferences are selected this will assist you to print a document in black and white.

Also if you set up the quality setting in best normal or draft you will get the desired output.

If your Hp printer, not prints blank pages remove all ink cartridges reinstall those cartridges, reset the Hp printer.

Then fires a test print now check whether the Hp printer works and prints the test document appropriately. If not this means the cartridges require a replacement or there is some hardware related issue.


Another reason why your Hp printer, not printing is that the Hp printer ink but the internal contacts of the printer may be dirty.

If you do not get the print of the text in any of the colors delete the Hp printer and reinstall the printer and its drivers so that you can resume printing.

Please always ensure that the black ink levels never dry up or go so low that they give you an error while printing related to the ink levels.

Printing while ink levels are very low can damage the Hp printer and its fuser. It creates heat and expose the Hp printer to dust. 

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