Factors to Consider While Selecting Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen Worktop Alternative Ideas

Kitchen renovation may not be rocket science, but it comes pretty close. The number of factors to be considered and the decisions that are to be taken are tremendous.

Kitchen worktops are perhaps the most expensive and labor-intensive aspect of the design. 

Everything is not as simple or as straightforward as it seems when it comes to kitchen counter tops. Some decisions, like the material for the counter top and the area that needs to be covered, seem apparent.

However, there are some less known features and secrets of the kitchen worktops. Curious to know what they are? Read on!

Kitchen Worktop Alternative Ideas

Select the Sink

Your countertop material will need to have cutouts to accommodate the sink. Not all sinks are the same. There are four different types of sinks. 

Inset sink: You prepare a hole of the appropriate size and place the sink from the top.

Under-mount sink: The sink is fitted underneath the surface. It makes the surface look seamless.

Farmhouse or apron front sink: These sinks are deep and wide with an exposed front side.

Integral Sink: The sink is made of the same material as the worktop. The worktop and sink come as a single unit.

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As you can see, each type of sink demands a different countertop measurement. If you need an integral sink, you will have to mention it to the installer or manufacturer beforehand.

Stone materials such as granite and marble are cut from the factory and not at the job location. Mentioning the wrong mount type or giving improper measurements can impact the look of the kitchen. 

Decide the Appliance Placement

Are you going to get new appliances or will you be using the same ones you have? Certain appliances, like the cooking range, need to be situated in the space between that countertops.

You need correct measurements so that the range fits comfortably in the space. Similarly, if your stove is going to sit on top of the counter top, then it doesn’t impact the measurements.

However, if you are going to have a built-in stove, then you need the exact measurements so that you can leave space for the stove on the worktop. 

Certain appliances may require holes in the worktop for inlets or outlets. By deciding the placement of the appliances and identifying their measurements before ordering the kitchen worktop, you will get a perfect kitchen where everything fits in smoothly.


You may have noticed that the kitchen worktop projects outwards from the cabinet by a little. It does not always end where the base ends.

This outward projection is called an overhang. You should have at least one to two centimetres of overhang. 

The overhang prevents spills from damaging your cabinets. It also protects the cabinet doors and handles from getting hit.

The overhang provides some space so that the cabinet doesn’t become a nuisance for you while working in the kitchen.

At the same time, you should also be careful that the overhang is not more than two inches. It can become difficult to support the weight of the kitchen worktop when there is too much overhang. 

Support Your Kitchen Worktop

Have you tried lifting a granite or marble slab? If so, then you would know how heavy they are. The structure of the cabinets cannot support the weight of the worktop material. You need to install support brackets and structures that can handle the weight of the countertop. 

Worktop Profiling

Not all edges are created equal. A straight sharp edge can lead to injuries and is also more prone to chipping. Due to this, most kitchen worktop suppliers or installers would make the edges a little rounded.

There are different ways in which this can be done. Do you want a straight edge that is still safe? Try the pencil edge or the quarter rounded edge. Are you looking for a more decorative option? Check out the Ogee edge.

The chamfered edge that features a flat profile either just on top or on both the top and bottom edges has also become very popular.

Your Kitchen Deserves the Best

The kitchen is the place where the whole family comes together. It deserves nothing but the best. All the hard work and time you put into planning a great kitchen will be worth it when you see the result.

The factors mentioned above are the ones that most people forget to take into account. In a space as complicated as the kitchen, even a small mistake in measurement can have lasting consequences. 

Apart from these factors, you should also consider your budget, the durability of the material, the maintenance it requires, and the colour of the material before placing the order.

You should always select the most trustworthy seller in London who stocks a wide array of materials. Not only will you get a high-quality material, but you will also have no trouble finding one that fits all your requirements.

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