Every Web Developer Should Know These Secret WordPress SEO Tips

Every Web Developer Should Know These Secret WordPress SEO Tips

The Internet is flooded with websites, built using WordPress. 

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of WordPress is that it’s the simplest CMS (Content Management System) that offers any kind of user (technical or non-technical) to build their website in no time.

However, even after building a professional website with free WordPress themes and a simple drop-and-drag method, you still need to keep the SEO of the WordPress website in check.

And to make SEO work for your WordPress website, you need an SEO tip that will become handy whenever required. 

So today, we will share not only one but 10 WordPress SEO tips that will insanely drive traffic to your site.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress is a leading CMS platform. Even the most renowned websites that you might visit every day, such as the BBC, Time, etc. are powered with WordPress.

If WordPress works sufficiently with such giant companies, it’s obvious to anticipate why it works for tons of other websites. 

In 2003, WordPress was only a blogging platform, but now, not only does it provide a flexible and robust website solution, but it has also become a reliable eCommerce solution.

That’s that about WordPress, but what is WordPress SEO?

As you can get an idea from the name, WordPress SEO means performing basic as well as crucial SEO practices to rank and leverage potential audiences to a WordPress website.

WordPress might be advanced, but still, one can’t replace Search Engine Optimization with it. Besides, one can’t deny that CMS saves a lot of time and effort.

The SEO tactics used for WordPress SEO websites still remain the same as any other website built with a different platform, programming language, and technology.

Along with a great web host, one must focus on a nice SEO strategy that must include quality content in the post, focused keyword, meta title & meta description, images, and whatnot. Only then, a WordPress website will serve its purpose and gain immense traffic.

WordPress SEO Tips to Follow

We have done all the research for you and listed SEO tips for your WordPress website, right below.

  • Pick a Reliable Hosting Service 

Site security, uptime, and speed are the major reasons to choose a reliable hosting service provider. 

If your site’s uptime is poor and your site is down most of the time, it would affect your users and the performance of your website. The same goes for security. If your site is vulnerable, it will impact the site quality.

The speed of the site is also connected to your hosting server. If they are not using the latest hardware and technology, your site’s speed will be affected. 

If you are not sure which hosting provider to go for, you can choose one of the following hosting providers recommended by WordPress: 

  • Bluehost 
  • SiteGround 
  • DreamHost
  • Use an SEO-Friendly Theme

WordPress offers several free SEO-friendly themes, which you can use for your website. 

You can consider the following aspects while choosing a WordPress theme: 

Lightweight: Choose a theme that is not full of third-party plugins and scripts that are not required on your website because they will slow down your site performance. 

Responsive Design: Use a mobile-friendly theme for better content delivery for those who are searching on mobile & tablets. To ensure the theme is responsive, run the theme demo through Google’s Mobile-friendly Test tool.

  • SSL Certificate 

Adding security certification to your WordPress website is a sign of credibility. This is not optional because providing stringent security to anyone visiting your WordPress website is a no-brainer.

For that, one has to switch to HTTPS to provide the utmost security to their visitors. So make your WordPress website secure and keep your users safe from spam.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Gone are the days when to get organic traffic, SEO experts used to build SEO strategies to increase performance for web browsers only.

Now, it’s crucial to make a mobile-friendly website because almost everyone uses their SmartPhones to browse or search for anything.

 Luckily, WordPress has a flexible framework, which allows developers to build a mobile-responsive website(s).

  • Custom URL in WordPress for Post & Pages

The page titles for posts are used as a URL by default by WordPress. Hence, it leads to lengthy and truncated URLs on the SERP. 

Let’s say your page title is ‘Qualities to look in your SEO Company in 2021 with Pros and Cons.’

WordPress will create the URL as: /qualities-to-look-in-your-seo-company-in-2021-with-pros-and-cons

The above URL is lengthy and will be cut on SERP. 

But the good news is that one can edit the URL and define a custom URL for the page. All you need to do is just click “Edit” and enter the desired URL. Piece of Cake!

Hence, customizing your URL is a great tip to improve WordPress SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimization through Schema Markup

Schema markup is one such powerful element that adds context to your data and content. It helps Google to understand what your website is all about. 

Adding context to your WordPress website pages will help you rank high and get more clicks as the impressions increase. 

You can use SEO plugins such as ‘Yoast’ or ‘Rank Math’ that offer structured data graph for each post and page. If you don’t like these, there are several others available in the WordPress store which is specifically built for Schema Markup that you can use too.

  •  SEO Friendly Navigation Menu

Another great SEO tip in the list. Search engines seek structure. A well-structured menu will help users find exactly what they want on your website as Google crawler will be able to decrypt each item of your website. To make navigation work for you, make the top links of the menu cohesive. Many people start their menu with Home and end with Contact. 

Don’t try to fill your menu with too many links. Just list the most important pages or categories in the header menu, and the rest can be added in the footer.

  • SEO to Improve Internal Linking

Another great point in the list of best WordPress SEO Tips is internal linking. 

With the help of internal links, one can establish topic relevance between a specific page and other WordPress website pages. Internal linking also provides smooth navigation.

You can establish topic relevance within your content by different interlinking pages of your website. It will also allow users to navigate the targeted pages and pass the authority earned from external links.

  • Optimize Content with SEO Writing Assistant

Use premium content optimization software or WordPress plugins to ensure your content is optimized and better than your competitors. 

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Content Optimization Software: 

  • Surfer SEO 
  • Clearscope 
  • Page Optimizer Pro

Content Optimization Plugins: 

  • SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant 

These plugins will make sure that your content is SEO-Friendly and would also provide recommendation & analysis on the basis of your Google top 10 competitors.

  • Open Graph Tags

When you share blog posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., you might be able to see thumbnails that are automatically generated with the help of Open Graph tags. OG tags provide precise information about the content that you share on social media platforms just like title tags and meta descriptions. 

Bonus WordPress SEO Tip

  • Keyword Research for Content Optimization

It’s impossible to find out which search terms you should optimize your website content for. In fact, when you start your SEO project, start with keyword research and use it for planning website content & on-page optimization. 

One can also use premium keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Keyword Everywhere to identify the right keywords for the website.

So whether you are building fresh content for your website or starting its optimization from scratch, knowing which keywords to rank for is the first step.

Free WordPress Plugins for Optimization 

While talking about tips, how can we forget about some famous WordPress SEO plugins?

WordPress offers many free plugins which can become handy while optimizing your website. 

Website Speed Optimization: 

Nitropack: This plugin consists of all-in-one performance optimization services such as code minification of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, lazy loading, image optimization, and remove the cache. 

Jetpack: The plugin makes a WordPress website safer and faster by offering real-time backups, peak speed & performance, and is a powerful tool for growth. 

Image Optimization:

Smush: This is a classic plugin that optimizes images without losing their quality. It provides lossless compression, lazy loading, image resize option and helps to enhance the page speed. 

Imagify: The plugin offers one-click image optimization of the images that provides lighter images without losing their quality, converts them into WebP, and increases the website speed. Not only website images but thumbnail images are also optimized with Imagify. 

Optimole: This plugin optimizes images in real-time and offers images from global CDN for free. It supports all kinds of images such as jpg, png, gif, including Retina & WebP images.

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Key Takeaway from the Above Tips 

Undoubtedly, WordPress has made website building easier and for everyone. Apart from making an attractive website, it’s also important to optimize your website speed and add quality content to it. With the above WordPress SEO tips, one can accelerate their traffic rate easily. So implement these useful SEO tips on your website to track the improvements & performance these SEO tips bring to your website.

Have a Happy WordPress SEO!


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