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what is telemedicine

With the emerging telemedicine sector as a subsidiary of the healthcare industry, the total expenditure of India is expected to decrease by approximately $4 billion yearly, as per reports published by McKinsey Global Institute.

The rural population is likely to reap maximum benefits from such technological advancement of the medical industry, as such regions often lack proper healthcare facility, trained doctors, and other associated professionals.

Understanding what is telemedicine and its benefits are essential in this respect, as well as its widespread impact in India.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine facilitates medical examination and treatment course (in some cases) through electronic communication. Diagnosis and a determined treatment regime can be dictated by doctors remotely, reducing the travelling expenditure of patients.

As stated above, individuals residing in the rural areas of the country can significantly benefit from such setup, as it allows them to avail quality medical treatment from renowned doctors.

Nevertheless, while switching to telemedicine and determining its cost, the equipment and software needed for the same have to be analysed carefully, as well as expenses involved for the set-up process.

For effective treatment and patient management, portable medical instruments have to be procured, and a suitable IT representative has to be hired.

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Things to keep in mind for a tele-help set up

As telemedicine is expected to have a significant impact in the healthcare sector of India, doctors are readily looking to adapt to this upcoming technology, as a part of higher profit generation.

Medical practitioners can grow their medical practice with Lybrate in this regard by providing online consultation to patients all across the country through mobile devices and other gadgets.

Such remote consultancy benefits help in improving the average quality of healthcare services availed by individuals residing in the rural sections of India, as well as individuals who cannot manage the time for a physical check-up for any reason.

A digital approach to healthcare is likely to raise the average income of doctors, as their patient clientele is likely to increase substantially. Effective patient management through telemedicine leads to client retention as well, ensuring a rise in annual wealth of medical practitioners.

However, for successful set up of such units, individuals can avail a Loan for Doctors from renowned non-banking financial institutions such as Bajaj Finserv. Such funds can be obtained through a hassle-free instantaneous approval process by availing pre-approved offers.

Using such advances, doctors can avail the essential items required for a telemedicine unit.

Telemedicine equipment used

IT hardware

Such devices are responsible for proper connectivity between patients and doctors in two different locations. These include multimedia devices, scanners and other associated items. Equipment such as modems, routers, structured cabling, etc. also fall under the category of IT hardware.

Medical equipment

Knowing about appropriate medical equipment and its procedure of usage is an essential component of understanding what is telemedicine.

These include –

  • Digital microscope,
  • Electronic stethoscope,
  • Examination camera,
  • Multiple parameter monitors, etc.


Medical software requisite for a telemedicine clinic is –

  1. eVisit.
  2. Doxy.me.
  3. ContinuousCare.

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Human resources

Apart from doctors, the role of associated personnel is crucial for the success of such business ventures.

Effective medical care can only be extended in the presence of –

  • IT expert – Such individuals ensure no lag in the connection facilitating remote treatment across the country. Updating all relevant software also comes under the purview of such employees.
  • Medical support – Individuals have to be hired to asses a patient’s condition and report the same to an attending doctor. This includes preliminary medical check-up of the blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, weight, etc.

Telemedicine clinics providing online consultations benefits is likely to reduce the average healthcare cost of Indian families in the long run, increasing the affordability of premium medical facilities all across the country.

It is primarily beneficial when patients suffer from minor health setbacks, such as cold, flu, rash, persistent migraine, etc.

Also, such easy access to renowned medical professionals can increase the accuracy of diagnosis, thereby minimising the chances of fatal incidents owing to negligent medical care.

Thus, a thorough understanding of what is telemedicine and its implications can increase the overall health quality of individuals residing in India.


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