Electronics Toys You Need to Buy for Your Baby

Electronics Toys You Need to Buy for Your Baby

Kids toys have evolved from simple wooden blocks to techie ones. Children today are really gifted in operating gadgets such as phones and tablets that toy manufacturers have to step up their ideas in creating new toys.

Young children learn from everything around them at an interesting speed. You may not notice it but every child’s actions equal learning for him or her. It is important that we nurture this by providing them with toys that encourage learning and discovery.

Peek-a-Boo Book

You should choose brands that offer products that foster a child’s curiosity, creativity, imagination and learning. And this colourful book will surely pick their interest. It has wonderful melodies, nursery rhymes and three light-up characters that ask simple questions, making story time more fun and interactive.

Baby’s First Touch Tablet and Smartphone

The touch tablet has light-up buttons that teach babies basic numbers, letters and shapes. It also teaches animals and musical instruments which makes your little one smarter about the basics. The smartphone allows younger kids to learn how to use a regular phone by navigating through apps, answer calls and imitate grownups.

Baby’s First Laptop

This one’s best for little kids that are always on the go. You can choose from different learning modes such as colours, shapes, animals and music depending on what your child wants. Its portable design makes it easy to carry around to keep your child entertained while learning at the same time.

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Play and Learn Activity Table

Their stand up activity table helps kids learn about letters, numbers, time, shapes and many more. Its colourful design draws kids in for a fun playtime. For younger ones, it may also help them discover how to stand up on their own.

Glow and Giggle Play Mat

Perfect for tummy time, this interactive play mat allows babies to have fun while lying on their belly. It features a musical piano that introduces shapes, coloursand animals. The tree has lights that stimulate baby’s vision. It also has dangling toys with different textures, patterns and designs perfect to play with when sitting or even lying down. The animal design on the mat introduces kids to new animals. Your baby could also sing-along with its fun tunes.

Soothe and Sleep Toys

They create a variety of soothing toys that help the little ones get to bed. The snooze and soothe elephant plays relaxing melodies and calming light patterns to help babies sleep. The lullaby lights bear offers choices such as nature sounds, melodies and plain white noise to calm a sleepy baby.

It can also sense when a baby is crying and activates music to be played to soothe your baby back to sleep. Their sing and soothe mobile features colourful hanging animals to watch while listening to melodies, lullabies and nature sounds.

It can also help develop vision in younger babies as they stare and study the patterns and colours on the hanging animals.

Next time you’re looking for ideas on which toys to buy, try one of these fun, educational toys and help pacify those young minds hungry for knowledge.

Baby Monitor

The last but not the least product is a baby monitor. It is not a toy but you may buy it when shopping electronic toys for your baby. It will help you to keep a watchful eye on your children for the whole day.
Such a monitor is oricom baby monitor that allows you to connect upto four cameras. This product use infrared camera so you can get a clear picture of your baby in the dark .


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