Display Your Hobbies on the Wall & Add Liveliness in Your Home Decor

Displaying your hobbies

Today, our daily lives are filled with a lot of things to do. So much so that many people have found a way to relieve the stress and lay back a little.

Hobbies are a critical part of someone’s life. Be it a student or a professional, hobbies help us to be centered and also helps rejuvenate not only or bodies, but also our minds.

As such, a good hobby should be incorporated into our lives so much so that you can see it as soon as you enter a house or apartment.

Displaying your hobbies on the walls is a great way to take great pride in your hobbies and also personalize your space to show the things that you value most.

Showcasing your beauties should be a priority in the home because with well-designed and displayed items on the walls, you get something no one else has in their houses even if they decided to copy your style.

Here are a few ways you can use your hobbies to add spunk and liveliness to your home decor.

For book lovers   

For book lovers

Reading is also one of the most popular hobbies many people can actively claim to participate in. not only does reading help some people relax, but it also inspires them, helps them get more creative and sharpens the mind.

For this reason, many book lovers fall in love with particular books and form emotional attachments to them. In a small apartment, it might be difficult finding the right storage space for them. However, the answers are usually very simple and direct.

Book lovers can simply use glass shelves cleverly placed around the living areas and bedrooms so that all the most important books can have a special place to stay.

This way, whenever someone is feeling like reading that book, they can simply pick it from the shelf, read up, and return it. All while complementing the room’s aesthetics.

For music lovers     

For music lovers

One of the most popular hobbies the world over is music. Different people are attracted to different instruments and often play them to relax or even for entertainment.

However, these instruments can become more than just that. They can be used to spice up the decor of the home to make it more original and artistic in a sense.

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When it comes to music, some people love guitars, drums, pianos, trumpets, and so many others. These create an optimal space for wall mount ideas.

Since most instruments are small enough to be placed on the wall, they instantly become art and decoration in your space. If they are smaller such that they wouldn’t fit well on a hook or mounted on the wall, you might decide to go with glass shelves.

Because of their clarity, they shift the focus from the shelf in itself to what’s on the shelf. These may include the harmonica, recorder, a pan flute or even a compact didgeridoo.

For athletes and people in competitive sports  

For athletes and people in competitive sports    

Although we all have hobbies, some people take them more seriously than others. For some people, it’s not all about relaxing and enjoying yourself.

It’s about enjoying and winning. In some hobbies, people compete a lot. At the end of these competitions, some trophies might be awarded to the winners.

If a particular victory meant a lot to you, you might decide to showcase your trophies in your living space. When it comes to displaying trophies or memorabilia in a home, glass shelves are usually the way to go.

Frosted glass shelves have the ability to make the item on display the center of attention. More so glass shelves for small rooms have the ability to capture the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

You can always have a good conversation starter telling how you earned the trophies.

Display your tools without any fear

Most hobbies are known to us today usually come with a set of tools. These tools can be used during the actual hobby or could be a means to an end.

At any rate, you should be able to use these tools to decorate your living space and personalize it the way you want. You can include these tools in your wall mount ideas, or you can decide to use glass shelves for small rooms to place them on display. These usually include tennis racquets,

snowboards, magazines, spy books, and so many others. These are all items that are known to you to bring about relaxation and tranquility in your mind.

In a small apartment, you might be pressed for space in that you don’t have any more space to store the items. You can simply decide to place them as part of your decor.

In fact, you can find hundreds of inspiring ways to style this particular space by using the simplest of materials.


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