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Black Buffalo is a tobacco-free chew brand that has the most magnificent pack, best spit, and buzz you’re looking for. It has been made by the company after several years of thorough development and testing. There are some negative aspects of chewing tobacco that one cannot ignore and are definitely not worth the risk. When dippers become habitual of dipping and get hooked on the nicotine addiction, it makes it harder for them to beat the habit and stop themselves from using it.

Tobacco-free chews

It is a smokeless tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional products. There is no tobacco leaf or stem involved in these commodities. The taste is similar to the dip you have been using. The texture gives the same feeling, adding more to the list; it comes in enriching flavors and sealed packages. It is the closest thing to a real dip.it is present in the market with bold flavors of wintergreen, mint, and straight.

There are many flavors of tobacco-free dip. Black buffalo has a range of options and flavors and gives you satisfaction just like the real dip! So here you can buy now dip tobacco.


The peach flavor is a bright and crispy dip with a mellow pinch of vanilla. It is one of the best flavors that most companies offer. Although there are more effective and lip burning flavors out there but, when it comes to taste, no one can face the sweetness of this little guy.


The mint flavor is a crispy blend of peppermint and spearmint with just a hint of sweetness. It is a flavor with minty taste, and the aroma is like a cool breeze passing by. When it is used in dip tobacco, menthol may reduce the harshness and irritation of tobacco’s presence.


Wintergreen is a bold and bright flavor that really satisfies the user of the product. Its freshness is what makes it unique from others. When a person places it behind their lips, he can taste a natural and robust wintergreen taste with subtle hints of tobacco in the background. The extended wintergreen cut has a more flavorful touch than any of the other dips and has a quality of stinging inside the lip.

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Blood Orange

Blood Orange is finely refined and a crispy dip with the most mouthwatering flavor of all. Its aroma is like a garden full of oranges. There is a slight lip burn when it is placed behind cheeks and the lip. It is the rarest flavor of all and not easy to find. There is a website that offers this product but in small quantities.

The addiction potential of tobacco-free dips

Nicotine is the primary reinforcing agent in addicting a person to a dip. The research found dip tobacco to be 90% less hazardous than cigarettes. It is pretty useful if it is used in moderation as it makes a person relax and keeps him awake. However, tobacco-free dips are used by people who are going through a withdrawal phase and want to quit chewing tobacco.


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