Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 SEO

Each year around this time, the world wide web is rife with posts predicting exactly what the big trends are going to be from the year to come and promising that particular things (email! forms! Pictures!)

First allow me to state, few if some advertising tactics ever actually die – they just become reborn, revamped or revitalized in a means which makes them effective.

Secondly, I strongly believe that any marketer worth their salt should not wait before the new year to find out about tendencies.

So with that, I am jumping to the”2019 advertising tendencies” bandwagon with my predictions…

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets include a outlined answer to a user question, in addition to the webpage name, a URL to the webpage where the response originated, as well as the URL.

This trend will be driven by Google’s want to keep ahead of its competitors in providing users the very best answers to their inquiries from the quickest manner possible.


With Google increasingly going to answer consumers’ queries right about the search engine results pages using its featured snippets, the amount of all no-click searches (those who perform a Google search but not click through to a site ) is about the upswing, especially for users of mobile devices.


In response, electronic marketers need to enlarge their search engine optimization efforts in 2019 to tackle how their content shows about the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Before this season, I composed about featured snippets along with the impact they were having to IMPACT’s traffic. During the previous six months, my group has worked on raising the amount of snippets that we rank for, and the consequent increase in site traffic is closely related to our increasing variety of snippets.

Personalized video

In case 2018 was the”year of movie,” then 2019 are the”year of video”

Personalized video is the union of two hot trends in the sphere of digital advertising – personalization and video.

Personalized video

In brief, it’s a movie which includes content unique to the receiver.

This is a really productive approach to personalize videos which you are sending to one receiver, but it will not scale nicely.

The fantastic thing is there are a multitude of new tools available to customize videos in scale. We utilize Vidyard for this and can easily be able to fit recipient’s titles into tens of thousands of videos which we send by email, with the click of a few buttons.

In a world that’s overcrowded with advertising and marketing messages, and packed with electronic articles, personalized video retains the potential to dramatically enhance entrepreneurs’ ability to connect with and engage more deeply with viewers.

Voice Search Optimization

2018 has been a year of amazing increase in the selling of voice-activated smart devices like google Home, Amazon Echo, and Facebook Portal. These new devices combine Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana in offering users a huge array of alternatives for utilizing voice hunt to locate answers to their own questions, absorb content, and interact with websites.

Voice Search Optimization

They also pose a significant chance for companies, especially on the front.

According to study by BrightLocal, 58 percent of customers have used voice hunt to locate local company information in the previous 12 months and 46 percent of voice hunt users start looking for a local company on a daily basis.

A number of these hunts are utilized to create bookings, listen to company costs, and discover which products companies have.

At the very least, companies seeking to get found in 2019 must make certain that their fundamental company information is right when delivered through voice search.

There are a range of online services like Yext which make it easy, cheap and simple for local companies to receive this information right and make sure it’s formatted in a means that’s optimized for search.

Beyond basic company information, there are an infinite number of more complex methods manufacturers may utilize voice search to interact with their audience, from developing sound abilities (check out the Alexa ability I assembled for the Inbound Success Podcast) to generating games and quizzes, and launch apps.

Now, not one of the significant voice lookup devices provide advertising. Until they do, the manufacturers which get the most innovative stand to gain tremendously from the increase of search.


At the exact same time, consumer confidence in online marketing is in an all-time reduced.

Regardless of the technological progress driving digital advertising and paid press, customers ultimately crave link and significance in the connections they have with brands.


Community is 1 approach to deliver in 2019, it’ll be the brands together with the most powerful communities that flourish.

Building communities round a new has multiple advantages.

It compels stronger feelings of devotion amongst buyers and assembles an emotional connection with the brand. A fantastic example of a brand which really does this nicely is Jeep. Jeep owners greet each other using the”Jeep tide ” because they drive from every other representing their membership from the Jeep community.

Starbucks has done this using the”Leaf Rakers Society,” its personal Facebook group for those that love everything drop (and not coincidentally, will also be regular buyers of the organization’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes).

There are an assortment of ways that manufacturers may build communities.

Does Stephanie medium the group she sends out a weekly email update, hosts reside online community hangouts along with AMAs with marketing thought leaders, also organizes an on site meetups in our yearly conference.

In the year ahead, I would like to find out additional brands investing in producing and nurturing communities.

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Influencer advertising

With GDPR principles and advertising blockers which makes it increasingly hard for manufacturers to get in front of viewers who haven’t opted in to their communications, many manufacturers are searching for other stations to expand their reach and also in 2019, this may fuel enhanced interest in influencer advertising.

Influencer advertising

When the plan of choice for large businesses using hefty budgets (believe Tiger Woods endorsing Nike), influencer marketing is much more accessible than ever for companies of all sizes.

Influencer advertising is successful for several reasons:

It engenders trust: Trust is the most valuable money for virtually any company, but since most customers are doubtful about branded content and advertising messages, it can be tricky to build trust, especially among cold viewers.

Influencer marketing permits brands to piggyback from the present relationship the influencer has their viewers and efficiently move that confidence, through the influencer, to the brand new.

It’s exceptionally targeted: At the neighborhood level, micro-influencers will help get new messages facing market audiences in a comparatively low price. For brands that are big, there is an unending supply of star influencers whose followers relate to particular target demographics.

It provides rapid results: Whereas traditional content promotion or paid networking strategies can take some time to send ROI, influencer advertising can have a direct effect, even for comparatively unknown brands.

In 2019, the manufacturers which are most effective with influencer advertising will approach it like a long-term partnership rather than a run of one-off promotions.

This sort of investment which makes it feasible to make authentic stories which unfold over time, and will ultimately produce the best ROI to manufacturers.

Digital Privacy

I knowI know… electronic solitude was a popular topic for quite a while.

In 2018, the passing of Europe’s GDPR regulations prompted entrepreneurs to make sure they had strict protocols for documenting whether and how their viewers opted in to receive communications from them along with new procedures for permitting a contact to ask that they be removed via a new digital documents.

Additionally, it signaled the start of the end for purchased email lists (though I am sure there are lots of shady marketers that are still participating in this practice).

Additionally, a variety of high profile data breaches (I am considering you Facebook, Marriott, and My Fitness Pal) caused customers anywhere to have a new look in their mobile program settings and alter their internet passwords.

So what is new with electronic solitude in 2019?

Well for starters, Facebook’s continuing issues with information privacy scandals and the effect they are having on elections appear to reaching a tipping point. In 2019, I hope to visit Facebook – and other ubiquitous tech giants like Google and Apple – come under greater regulatory scrutiny, and that I would not be shocked if the United States follows Europe’s heels with the passing of some GDPR-like law.


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