Dadaji…. Lockdown is coming

Lock down

And Grandpa was overjoyed to hear that, for the first time in all these passing years, the last year it happened that all the three generations were down to one floor.

At the time of running this part, children know that parents are getting old, and they should spend time with their family.

They want to spend time with family, but it is not their fault too, nowadays it is necessary to become busy, only then you can earn well to live a wealthy life.

After all, they have to make ends meet.

Family time

It was reassuring that year, all the family members stay together, that they were having fun playing games as well, cooking together and singing karaoke, but among all this peace, there was restlessness, but Harish [my son] would not have been happy because business was shut down yet he had to run the home as well, He did not speak to us, but I saw the tension in his eyes.

He was also restless because he had to stay at home for the whole day because of the lockdown, the person who came to the house at 10 p.m. Would become irritable.

By the way, Harish had a business of painting, he used to earn money by painting buildings and houses. It was hard for Harish at first 3 days of lockdown to be stable in that hard situation.

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“It’s all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” — Philip Green

Then he got dissolved in the family’s happiness, I asked Harish, are you alright, na my son? If there is any problem, you can share with me, I have some savings.

It will help to manage the expanse so do not worry my son. Then he told me with a smile, Babuji, my business isn’t tied; living in the house is a painting work itself.

Due to Lockdown, that canvas is filled with colors, with Antara (Harish’s elder daughter) and Vani’s (Harish’s younger daughter) alluring smile, put patterns on the canvas, and a joyful aura adds aroma to our house. Babuji, nothing is bigger for me than my colorful family.

Vani’s (Harish’s younger daughter) first walking and listening to her voice for the first time reminds me to become a happy parent, playing ludo with Antara and allow her to win the game and capture her beautiful smile in my heart is a winning moment for me, also Babuji tales of your childhood, and hearing the stories of your successful marriage life, and At night free champi service from Amaa and spending some precious moments with Arpita (Harish’s wife) after a long time … Isn’t it adorable it feels like I am living my actual happy life only because of this lockdown, nothing is above this heaven!

All these things passed in front of my eyes when Antara Bitiya was saying about Lockdown, It feels like a festival when I heard about Lockdown.

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