My Dad Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

We always talk about mom’s love, mom’s food. But, I am those lucky children who can talk about, Dad love and food both. You know, we always say mother love is precious among all the love. But no one talks about the Dad love, his sacrifices. For a kid, if his or her mom is home but the Dad is the roof of that home. Mom easily shows her to kids but Dad can’t. Almost, every Dad is introvert in showing love specially to his son. But, as a doctor, I am really blessed because I get more attention and love from my Dad. Every kid says, oh my mom food it’s delicious. But, my Dad also cooks mouth-watering food. In fact, because of this, my friends get jealous of me. 

You know, I’m a big chocolate lover. People have a fantasy to travel, love, makeup, sports, fashion. But, I have a chocolate fantasy, I am just crazy about chocolates. Whenever I see chocolate, I go crazy, then no one can stop me except my Dad. I remember when I was 12 years old, at midnight I started crying for chocolate cake. My mom scolded me for this but as you all daughter and her Dad love.  In that midnight my Dad made chocolate chips cookies for me. I tell you, I have never ever had eaten more delicious cookies than it. Thanks to God, now we have e-commerce, sites like Bloomsvilla who do midnight cake delivery in Bangalore. 

 You know, I have a midnight hunger problem, I need something to eat. As I said, how I am crazy about chocolates. You know, since that day my Dad make that chocolate chips cookie for me. He is an amazing chef, which means he can cook anything. Especially, he makes what I like most. He makes chocolate pastry, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream. He knows my taste buds more than my mom.  You know, now my friends come home just to eat my Dad chocolate chips cookies. You know, now I live in a different city for my higher studies. But still, my midnight hunger solution is my Dad’s chocolate chip cookies.

I remember it was a cooking competition at my school when I was in 9th grade. Everyone was making so many things. Someone was making chocolate cake, someone was making Dosa. But I made chocolate chips cookies from my Dad’s recipe book. He has a big recipe book that he created himself. So, I made my most favourite recipe from Dad’s recipe book. Guess what, not only I won the competition but also judges and teachers ask the recipe from me. The first time, that day I made something and it becomes so tasty. And all the credit of it goes to my Dad because it was his recipe. After that, I made his chocolate chips cookies once again. I made it on Father’s Day. Instead of order cake, I made chocolate chips cookies. And, also arrange an online flower delivery in mumbai. When he tasted the cookies, his eyes got wet from tears of joy. He said I am proud of you, you made it more delicious than me.

It was the first day when I made, something for my parents, especially for Dad. My Mom, Dad, granny everyone was very happy. In fact, can you believe it my both younger siblings are appreciated me? Means, you can think, how delicious it, when your younger brother and sister appreciate you. No doubt, it was one of the best days of my life and all credit goes to my dad. Because I just followed his recipe step by step, and it becomes so yummy.  It all happened because of his delicious recipes. Today, if I know how to make a cake, chocolate, and chocolate chips cookie only because of him. And, the most important thing about his recipe is, it tastes the same. But, the recipe for that food is so healthy. You can think about it, my teeth are still in my mouth safely. After eating madly this stuff, it’s only because of my Dad and his yummy and healthy recipes.

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