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How can Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activity

Child monitoring apps are gaining immense popularity amongst parents. More and more parents are installing Parental control software on kids phone. But why?

Kids often face harassment and unrealistic threats in online chat rooms. Many school teachers and parents report multiple cases of children, showing reluctance to attend school in fear of coming face-to-face with the bully.

Cyberbullying is just one such mishappening on the online platform. There are several other cases like online impersonators, that destroy kids’ psyche. So, the question of the hour is, are kids’ safe online?

In the presence of the parental control software or Child monitoring apps , one can comfortably sleep with peace of mind knowing that digital space is safe for kids. But, how does the software help?

If you glance through the Top 10 Parenting Apps of 2019, you will be astonished to see the stunning innovations which not only restrict children from inappropriate content but assists in locating their whereabouts instantly.  

What is a Child controlling and Monitoring App for Android Phone and How Does It Monitor Your Kids?

Statistics show that 1 out of 10 kids attempts suicide after facing cyberbully. And according to experts, these numbers will keep increasing exponentially with the surge in technology exposure.

The reason behind the popularity of child monitoring and controlling software is kid’s complete safety. Whether your child is attending their school or having the time of their lives on a camping trip, parents can bank upon parental controls as the best safety gadget.

Parental controls are features included in digital devices like smartphones, to prohibit unacceptable contents, mobile addiction, and online threats hovering on kids.

The best Child monitoring apps offers a comprehensive mix of functionalities which go beyond app blocking and screen time restriction. It adds an extra layer of protection in kids’ internet experience and lowers the probability of running into online dangers.

Another lucrative feature of Child monitoring and controlling apps for any Android Phone or iOS device is the ability to track and monitor kids at any time of the day and night. Efficient GPS-enabled devices assist in monitoring kids’ whereabouts.

More often than not, you will receive an accurate result of the location, making it possible to stay connected to your child in case of an emergency.

Benefits of Using A Child Monitoring and Controlling Software

The parental control software for Android Phone may expertise in several areas of advanced parental technology. However, the app will be futile if it is unable to assist in achieving the following benefits:

  • Protect kids from sexual content

Internet is inundated with sexual and adult content. Even the filters barely keep your kids away from inappropriate content. Instead of getting nightmares of what your kid is up to on the internet, work out a way to restrict access of the websites, or internet browser apps.

  • Prevent encounter with online predators and cyberbullies

While the age-old conventional bullying has been a nuisance, the advent of smartphones and the world wide web has made cyberbullying easier.  

More and more kids are harassed online and get hurt emotionally. Not only cyberbullies, but online attackers equally target kids to get hold of personal data or hack devices through malware or virus.

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  • More time for priorities

Besides being an active kid safety app, parental controls solve a more significant problem faced by most families today- Time. Staying glued to casual games and unlimited online friends, kids often take family and friends for granted. Thanks to the screen time parental control software, families have more time to bond.

  • Reduce health implications

Health is a priority and cannot be neglected. Prolonged exposure to the screen has several health risks which kids barely realize. As parents, you can convince kids in understanding the consequences of watching the blue screen for extended hours, but ultimately enforcing controls can reduce phone usage, at least at the initial stage.

  • Screen time parental control for education

Education is the primary and only task kids need to perform religiously. As much as technology has boosted and made education affordable, at the same time, it attracts several opportunities to distract kids. If one thing the kid control app does best is creating a healthy environment for your kids’ academics.

Introduction to Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Bit Guardian parental control app for Android phone kills two birds with one stone. The app is well-equipped in combating kid’s mobile addiction and at the same time, supports parents in locating kids’ whereabouts.

Introduction to Bit Guardian Parental Control App

The all-in-one Android app is best suited for kids owning a smartphone. Parents can get complete remote access to the child’s phone and keep the child protected at all times.

The good news is that the app does not limit the number of child devices you wish to add. Also, the robust reporting interface of the app provides detailed knowledge of your kid’s activities.

Here is the list of features which distinguishes Bit Guardian to other players in the market:

  1. Panic & SOS– The kid safety app helps your child in staying in touch with you through the panic button. Receive instant panic alerts on the parent device when the kid is in danger.
  2. App Blocker– Enabling this functionality restricts inappropriate apps on kid’s device.
  3. App Install Blocker– Terminate downloading of new apps on kids’ device by blocking the Play Store.
  4. Kiosk Mode– Initiate a parental control launcher to restrict apps on kid’s phone. Only selected educational and essential apps will be allowed by the parent.
  5. GPS– GPS-enabled tools in Bit Guardian’s child monitoring app, tracks your kid in real-time. GPS assists in marking safe zones through Geofencing and set a speed limit for your kid. Get instant alerts when there is a change in location or kid attempts over speeding.
  6. Calls– Kids no longer need to be afraid of suspicious callers because parents can block and unblock contacts on kids’ device to guard them against intimidating bullies.
  7. Time Schedule– Screen time parental control is now more efficient with Bit Guardian. Teach your kids the importance of time management by limiting their phone time. Restrict access during bedtime or study time.
  8. Anti-Theft– Be relieved, your kid’s stolen and lost devices can be tracked by Bit Guardian. Ring the phone or locate it on the map. To protect kids’ personal data, remotely set a factory restore on their phone.

Are You Using an Efficient Child monitoring application for Android Phone?

Comprehensive child tracking and monitoring tool for kids are found in abundance in the Android market; however, to judge the best child monitoring app for Android Phone can be tricky. But not anymore!

With the Bit Guardian child monitoring and parental control app, modern parenting is a wee bit easier. The app easily caters every benefit mentioned above. Your kid’s phone addiction and endless online activities are no longer a losing battle.

Grab your chance to set your child free from smartphone addiction by remotely controlling their phones using the best parental control software.


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