Business Ideas That you can Start on Instagram

business ideas that you can start on Instagram

You already have knowledge about the fact that Instagram is definitely one of the best platforms for marketing businesses.

However, what you need to know is that you even have the option of building a complete business on this platform.

While a number of businesses are going to require business websites or other kinds of offerings, there are a number of other businesses that you can start and you are going to require nothing more than the Instagram account.

According to, 80% of the accounts are responsible for following at least one business on Instagram.

Business ideas you can start on Instagram

Business ideas you can start on Instagram

Instagram influencer

One of the ideal ways of making money from the visual platform is by choosing to become an influencer. For doing this, you have to build your audience in a particular niche.

You also need to know that you are going to come across a number of niche options and as soon as you select one, you will be able to work with the brands for sharing content, which is related to their services and products.

Product reviewer

You have the option of building up influence by offering to share reviews of certain products with your followers.

You can share the thoughts you have regarding certain products with the help of captions or videos.

Instagram manager

You have the option of working with the brands as the social media manager, who is responsible for specializing in posting on the visual platform.

Social commerce seller

It is possible to sell the products directly on the visual platform by making use of the buy button or even posting the products and invoicing the customers, who are going to show interest.

Affiliate marketer

You can make use of the Instagram account for the Instagram stories for sharing affiliate links of certain products as well as services and you can earn commissions on every sale.


Digital product seller

You can also sell digital products, which include printable and e-books. You can make use of your Instagram account as the primary method of sharing the offerings with the potential customers.

Event photographer

Instagram is also one of the ideal platforms for both the professional as well as amateur photographers to build a business successfully.

If you are an event photographer, you have the option of sharing photos from certain events you have worked in and then you can add email addresses within your Instagram bio so that new clients end up contacting you.

Stock photographer

You also have the option of taking stock photos, which can be sold to the businesses and brands, which are looking forward to building up the Instagram content.

Product photographer

You also have the option of offering service where you are going to take photos of certain products for the e-commerce businesses so that they can use it on their business websites as well as the social media accounts.

Printed products seller

If you are a designer or a photographer, you have the option of creating unique images and ensure that you are getting them printed on different products like mugs and t-shirts. These can be used on Instagram for promoting the offerings.

Apart from having knowledge about the different kinds of business ideas, it is also crucial that you know how you can attract your potential customers on this platform. Given below is a list of Instagram for business tips that you definitely need to consider.

Make sure that you are posting eye-catching images

There is no denying the fact that every picture is capable of saying a thousand words. Nothing else is capable of describing or explaining the beautiful essence associated with a particular message.

Instagram was primarily made for sharing interests as fast as possible. This is why it is crucial for you to ensure that you are creating high quality as well as attention-grabbing images for promoting your products.

You need to understand that you do not have a lot of time to make your potential customers know your brand.

Pictures of high quality and high resolutions are going to help in effectively communicating the features of the products.

Ensure that you are creating Instagram content that is worthwhile

As soon as you gain a decent audience on the channel, it is time for you to run the Instagram contest.

Before you plan an Instagram contest, you need to ensure that you are going through the promotion guidelines, the community guidelines, and most importantly, the platform policy.

Any worthwhile contest on Instagram has the following qualities that have been listed below.

  • Branded hashtags- These contribute to tracking the qualified entries that are related to your contest.
  • Good video or photo- This helps to attract followers or non-followers to participate.
  • The relevant prize for the brand- This can be any product that you are promoting, discount vouchers, or gift cards.
  • Has a public involvement- This helps to spread the word of the contest and helps in increasing engagement.

A contest is responsible for boosting the engagement and reach, which helps in boosting the brand organically, without having to add any kind of paid effort for making you known.

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Improve Instagram reach

It is significant that you gain visibility for the brand with the help of your Instagram account. This helps in increasing the reach, which is responsible for opening opportunities for engaging Instagram users as well as converting them into loyal customers.

In order to increase the reach on Instagram, you need to have proper knowledge as to how you can make use of hashtags so that the posts become visible.

Making use of hashtags is not only limited to the visual platform, but you can also use them on Facebook as well. Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow when you are using hashtags.

  • Consider making use of 3 or 4 hashtags in order to ensure that you are not looking spammy.
  • Use the name of the brand to target customers locally.
  • Use the name of the products if you are promoting or marketing it.


Starting a business of your choice on Instagram is not enough. You need to ensure that you know how to attract customers so that your business can become successful.

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