Best Parental Control App to Lock Your Kid’s Smartphone

Best Parental Control App to Lock Your Kid's Smartphone

Parental Control App for Lock Kid’s Phone and Screen time Restriction

As parents are increasingly moving into a technology-driven environment, they prefer giving kids a personal mobile device. The purpose behind handing over their gadgets is purely for safety reasons. Kids’ can stay in touch anywhere in the world utilizing cell phones. Knowing that kids have a way to reach people in case of emergency ensures peace of mind to parents.

However, children have started taking undue advantage of personal gadgets by getting involved in unsuitable contents which are also responsible for distracting them. Restriction on excessive use of smartphones is possible by locking your kids’ phone during the study and other vital hours in the day. Parental control apps for kiosk mode and screen time controllers have the capacity to make this possible, let us see how.

Parental Control on kid’s Device

In today’s technology fussy world, smartphones have engrossed kids’ attention. Cell phones are their treasured asset which is easily comparable to a life support system.

Every source of entertainment in kid’s life starts from cell phones and ends with cell phones, beyond the device life does not exist. These bad habits of kids are heavily criticized by all child experts and doctors across the globe. It has become imperative to stop kids from accessing their cell phones at all hours of the day.

Parental control apps are the most feasible solution for solving the unjustified addiction of kids towards smartphones. Most apps in the market provide a decent range of parental controls that ensure kids digital safety and child protection at all hours.

Parents can invest their time and money on parental controls because the results are worth achieving. On that note, let us introduce you to Bit Guardian Parental Control App which offers the right set of parental control locks for your child’s smartphone.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App – The Best Parental Control App to Lock Your Kid’s Smartphone

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a popular digital parenting app. The success of the app is owed to its simplicity and easy user interface. The app comprises of all basic and advanced smartphone monitoring functionalities. Core offerings of the app provide the solution for child safety, blocking, locking and monitoring the phone.

Let us dig deeper into two important options that can help us in locking the kids’ device:

  1.  Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is your remote control to kids’ mobile device. Your child no longer needs to decide what is good or bad for viewing as kiosk mode initiates a launcher on the child device that gives parent’s the power to add an app.

The purpose of kiosk mode is relatively simple; your child’s device is restricted to the limited apps you have allowed your child. Beyond the parent granted apps, there is no scope of venturing around.

  1.  Time Schedule

There is no better option than restricting the device from your kids. It is high time kids understand the value of time and balance their day to day activities according to their priority. However, at times when kids start prioritizing smartphones over bedtime or study hours, parents should lock the device for specific hours.

Time schedule restricts a kid from looking into the phone as it locks the device entirely for a few hours. Be it your bedtime or study hours; no screen means no distraction!

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How to lock Kid’s Smartphone remotely using Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

Firstly, Bit guardian parental control app is straightforward to set up and operate. Secondly, as a parental control app for kiosk mode and screen time restriction, the app is the most suitable one in the market.

Here are easy steps you can follow to use the parental control app without any hiccups:


In order to access the kiosk mode;

  • Get into the Bit Guardian Parental Control App and click on the arrow against the kid’s name.
  • On the settings page, tap on “kiosk mode” and get ready to lock your child’s independent days!
  • Tap on the home button at the bottom of your kid’s Android phone. You will be able to see a dialog box
  • Tap on always to approve Bit guardian parental control as the default launcher.
  • Your kid can now see a white screen with a few critical apps permitted by the parent.


In order to access the Time schedule;

  • Get into the Bit Guardian Parental Control App and click on the arrow against the kid’s name.
  • On the settings page, tap on “Time Schedule” mode and enable the settings.
  • Click on the “bedtime” settings
  • Now comes the strategic part, add the start time and end time and decide the frequency of the time for the rest of the days.
  • Once you set the time, kids will no longer be able to perform any activity on the phone except accessing SOS and alert.

FAQs about Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Q.1 Is kiosk mode free of cost?

Yes, customers do not have to pay a single penny to access kiosk mode.

Q.2 Does bedtime time schedule work with kiosk mode?

We understand parents may allow certain relaxation and entertainment apps in kiosk mode, which is why we enable bedtime scheduling along with kiosk mode.

Q.3 I have set bedtime, yet it is not showing in my son’s phone. Why?

Bedtime functionality is one of the most used capabilities of the app. It provides your child with a healthy sleeping hour without any digital interruption. In case your child is still able to view apps, here are the reasons why bedtime is not enabled on the device:

  1.  Poor internet connection

Both devices require an active internet connection at all times. In case your internet connection goes down when time schedule is set up, the settings will not show on your child’s device. The reports will not be created, and consequently, data synch will stop.

  1.  Improper synching of data

Data may not have correctly synched on your kid’s device. However, this can be fixed instantaneously by going into the child’s device and clicking on the settings icon where you will find a “Refresh Now” button.

The Final Verdict

Bit guardian Parental control has been claiming a respectable name in the market for being an efficient parental control app for kiosk mode and screen time restrictions, however, the app has an accurate GPS enabled location finding technique, pre-approved geofencing and over speeding alert catcher which ensures child safety and security. The app promises an overall protection plan with smartphone addiction reducing methods.

Instead of being a paranoid parent, be a smart and tech-savvy parent by locking your kid’s mobile devices using Bit Guardian parental control app.


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