Best Lighting To Spruce Up Your Home

Lighting To Spruce Up Your Home

For most individuals, decorating their homes is one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences they could have. The inside of a home is a reflection of a person’s identity, and hence, they take great care in designing and decorating it for their satisfaction.

However, many times, people may run out of lighting ideas or may experience boredom with the current set-up in their homes.

While some people might decide to paint their walls in a new color or get new kitchen worktops, one of the easiest ways you can transform your space is with the use of lamps. 

A well-placed lamp can illuminate a room, making it look larger, brighter, or more colorful. These days, there are several different types of lamps that have a varied function- this can be from simple ambient lighting to more specific task lighting.

Thus, you should remain aware of these aspects when incorporating lighting ideas in your home. This article will highlight some of the easiest ways you can spruce up your house with lamps.

1. Stick to the theme

It is a relatively easy point to remember. When decorating a particular room, make sure that you pick a lampshade or nightlight that goes with a theme or represents an aspect of the room.

For example, if you are in the process of decorating your son’s bedroom, then picking a lampshade in the shape of a football or basketball would add to the room’s tone. Not only will this keep your child happy, but it also lends character to the room.

Conversely, if you are decorating a study room, make sure you emphasize the lighting ideas over the study table or study area. By doing so, you create more focus on the space, which can help you or your family members complete tasks with ease. 

2. Use multiple lamps

Many times, using many lights of the same shape, size, and design can provide the room with a trendy and modern look. You could easily replace one large lamp or chandelier in a room with a few smaller, evenly-spaced lampshades.

Such a look can go well in a kitchen, as outdoor lamps, or over a dining table, where the focus is on a smaller area. Similarly, you could even add a little extra effort by converting old milk cans, etc. into lights. 

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3. Do it yourself (DIY)

Building from the point above, this is one of the most fun ways of sprucing up the house with lamps. Unsurprisingly, DIY methods are some of the most popular as they can help build your creativity and are more budget-friendly.

Many people opt for converting mason jars, old wine bottles, etc. into mini lamps. It occurs by using a combination of paints, fairy lights, and other materials that you can decorate with.

Furthermore, apart from these necessary materials, all you would need is duct tape, glue, and an extension cord. Thus, it is a cost-effective method that also contains a personal touch. 

4. Lampshades

When it comes to picking lampshades, many people may forget the basics. For instance, you may have an old lampshade that possesses sentimental value.

However, it may become damaged over the years. Using such lampshades in specific spaces can reduce their impact and make the room appear dull.

On the other hand, a well-placed lampshade, sprucing up these lampshades by giving them a glass or even a fabric shade can significantly add to how dressy they look. Thus, it can provide the room with a more elegant appearance.

5. Placement in the household

It is an extremely crucial aspect when it comes to lighting ideas up your home. You may put the lampshade on tables at the ends of rooms, at the bedside, a couchside, etc. When placing a lampshade on a counter or tabletop, there are several aspects that you must keep in mind.

Lampshades should never act as an obstruction between two conversing people. Concerning this, you could place a relatively thin lampshade between chairs in the living room, so that people sitting next to each other can maintain eye-contact without their view being obstructed.

Similarly, it is necessary that the placement of the lampshade adequately serves its purpose- irrespective of whether it is for aesthetic pleasure or the specific illumination of the space.


Thus, when it comes to decorating your household, there are several options that you can choose from depending on expenditure and time.

Furthermore, the lighting ideas inside your home can have several effects on your mood as well as the overall brightness of your house.

Thus, we hope that this article successfully highlights some of the different ways you can use lamps to make your home look beautiful and authentic. 

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