Bad link building techniques that can get you penalized by Google

Bad link building techniques can get you penalized by Google

In order to achieve good ranking, some web owners resort to activities that will boost their ranking on the search engine results. These unethical ways are closely monitored by Google.

Penalties are never good, be it in any medium or any business. A red card or a hefty penalty from Google is going to cost your website ranking in the search results. Google penalizes your website if your profile appears to have any bad backlink.

Beyond this, Google also gives you a red flag if it notices any fidelity with the quality guidelines provided with regard to links.

Link penalty appears from a result of unnatural, irrelevant, repetitive, spam and low quality links. Google is all about having an organic search result. Any artificial link in your profile can easily be spotted by Google.

They will investigate the matter and penalize you on the action. This means that they will pull down your rankings which will significantly drop your visibility and traffic. They can even decide to remove you from Google index completely. Once that is done, your website will never appear on the Google pages ever.

There are various ways that web owners adopt to manipulate the search ranking. Link building is one such unethical method commonly adopted by web owners. Link building strategy will ensure that your website received great traffic using the inbound and outbound links.

As these links are already present on your site or other sites, Google identifies such links are penalizes for the act. These penalties always act as an advantage for the competitors. Thus you need to look for ways to implement new link strategies while avoiding link penalties.


Look for paid links

Yes, Google accepts paid links but not all paid links. Buying and selling of links is strictly prohibited by Google. It is an obvious step to be taken by a site when another site offers your link to its site for quite some time. This value exchange is not taken well by Google. It considers this as a bad link strategy and acts aggressively. This unethical behaviour by many known websites have led to a harsh punishment including sites like Forbes, J.C. Penny and more.

Google accepts if you buy links. But these links should not be any follow links. If the link belongs to a relevant and genuine site with a good domain, it will be accepted. So, in every circumstance, owners need to avoid excessive reciprocal linking. Digital Marketing services highly recommend in order to generate natural links.

Link spam

Link spam is an activity commonly followed in back hat SEO. In this case, web owners post their URL’s over the comment section of every random blog or article. Over optimized hyperlinks are also been posted in some cases. Using the automated software, these links are been posted which holds no relevance to the content posted above.

This act is easily traced by Google as the comment automation passes a red flag to Google about the duplication of content. As the act is not natural but forced, it becomes highly irrelevant to even your own website. Instead of a SEO boost, Google hits you with a penalty.

On the other hand, commenting on authoritative blogs or relevant forums works well for your site. Google appreciates comments performed on selective basis. It works well for you as white hat SEO backs such backlinks. Manual link posting on relevant sites adds real value to the website.

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Low quality link

Google is all about organic content. Thus it focuses on organic link building. In this case, links are meant to be earned which is not an easy thing to do. Google wants owners to earn links. These links are difficult to achieve. Links from reputed sites means that the content is of good quality and offers something of value.

Seeking links from low quality website is an easy task. Irrelevant sites and sites that give away link easily are the ones to be avoided. They offer low qualitycontent that would take away your rankings over the search results.

Unnatural links

If your website accepts guests’ blogging or posting, you must look into the content carefully before publishing over the site. Few guests post links that would draw the viewers to other sites. This will bring down the ranking of your website affecting your profile.

Check for guest’s content carefully and look for any low quality or spammy links. Avoid ‘nofollow’ links as this is not taken too well by Google.

Google follows stringent practices when it comes to link building. The best SEO Company will avoid grey hat link building strategy as the potential rewards isn’t worth the penalty that Google imposes on the site. Its penalties can adversely affect your sites reputation or may be even eliminate your site from the search engine completely.

Thus, intentionally or unintentionally, look for bad backlinks and eliminate them in order to avoid nasty penalties. Using proactive link monitoring tool, you can save yourself from bad links and penalties as soon as they appear.

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