Apps Kids Should Not Know About – Most Dangerous Apps for Kids

What apps kids should not know about_

Secure kids from Inappropriate Content

Mobile phones are a trap. There are good and bad options in cell phones, but the bad always overpowers the good. So, how do you protect your child from inappropriate content with Parental control apps?

Well, there have been many incidents in the past where kids got trapped into a stranger’s arm and gaming platforms that victimized kids to perform life-threatening actions.

Many more such events have been confirmed and reported that solidified our doubt that mobile phones are dangerous for kids.

As parents, the responsibility to look after kids starts from monitoring their activities to taking measures on prohibiting the dangerous actions. Cell phones are a tricky gadget, which kids may love using but only without parental supervision. Why?

There are several sources of entertainment on cell phones, and kids generally get attracted to the most adventurous apps for more fun. The adventurous ones often turn out to be the most dangerous ones, putting your child’s life at stake.

Should parents know about suspicious apps?

Parents should always be a step ahead of kids. Yes, you need to make some effort on learning the kid’s world but knowing what kids are up to, will definitely help you in dealing with the consequences better.

Several app categories are meant for adults or extremely dangerous for kids. These apps are trending in the market either for its popularity or the destruction it has caused in kids’ ecosystem.

Here are specific categories which kids need to be kept away from:

  1. Dating apps
  2. Adult apps
  3. Pornography apps
  4. Gaming apps (depends on the genre)
  5. Gambling apps
  6. Online chatrooms
  7. Social media networks
  8. Apps on drugs or medicines

Which apps are dangerous for kids?

We did talk about the categories in the previous section, but we want parents to be informed and educated on the apps that have proved to be dangerous in the past.

  1. Tinder

Tinder is making the buzz in town. The popularity of the app has grown many folds in the last couple of years. The app comes with a healthy message for the adult population; however, kids have massively misinterpreted the app.

Tinder is a renowned dating app which allows putting pictures to encourage people to scroll through and flag people who look attractive. If two people like each other then they can start chatting!

The concept does sound interesting, but there are a lot of if’s and but’s for kids. Kids make the mistake of creating fake profiles with the wrong date of births and adults target these kids only to take undue advantage.

  1. Chat Roulette

Video chatting is very exciting and sounds fun. But video chatting can get a bit dangerous if done for the wrong reasons with crazy people.

Whisper is a platform where strangers can video chat online and share their lives on the web camera. Whisper gets dangerous when fake webcam software’s are utilized to portray a 60-year old man as a 16-year old teenager.

And when things go down to sexting and adult conversations, a lot is put on the stake.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is an exciting app to share and exchange instant photos and videos. These images are available for a specific time, and they disappear, or that’s what snapchat argues.

The issue with kids is the wrong perception of the app. The app has been used for long as a friendly app, but recently its use has been seen in sexting and sharing of adult contents.

  1. Whisper

Teenagers at their age have plenty of secrets; some can be shared while others take a backseat in their mind.

Apps like Whisper provide teens a suitable platform to share any to many secrets anonymously while chatting with strangers within geographical boundaries.

Kids are under the impression that their secrets are safe with strangers which is not the case.

Adults connect with innocent kids on these platforms to not only get desired information but also to extend a hand of friendship to satisfy their ulterior motives.

  1. Kik

Your kids don’t need to hide anything they text because there isn’t any phone history to track in Kik. There are similar apps that let you text and chit chat as per your will and wish.

These apps are a gateway to talk to strangers without a parent’s knowledge or supervision. Unlike SMS, these texts cannot be tracked by parents.

  1. Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a weird comment posting app which allows posting anonymous comments within the nearest 500 people, which automatically engulfs a school or institution.

This app has gained negative publicity for being dangerous for school going kids for starting rumors, demeaning people, passing racist or sexist comments, body-shaming women, speaking ill about student’s characters, etc.

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  1. Calculator+ & Vaulty

These are some apps whose icons don’t speak their function. Calculator+ has a calculator sign which barely calculates numbers. These apps help kids in hiding or locking pictures and videos from parent’s supervision.

  1. Poof

Just like the name of the app, the app hides all the notorious apps from your parents’ line of sight. Poof, and it’s gone!

Kids make use of such improper methods to hide apps from parents. It is dangerous and very worrisome when kids use such apps for hiding unsuitable contents.

How can Bit Guardian Parental Control app help parents?

Most of the apps we browsed through exist in the world and will continue to exist in some or the other form. It is just a matter of time your kids come across the app and get carried away by misleading contents and offerings.

As a precautionary measure, we encourage parents to use parental control apps. These apps bar unsuitable apps to come in your child’s contact. How? Well, it is easy to restrict apps.

Bit Guardian Parental control app offers a useful capability called app blocker that restricts kids from viewing any unauthorized app. Additionally, if you want a limited exposure for your kid, explore the time Schedule functionality that limits the app viewing time per day based on your permission.

If you are still looking for a parental control android app, then stop searching and install the Bit guardian Parental control app to dodge unwanted apps from your child’s smartphone.


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