Alternatives to Roses as a Valentine’s Day Flower

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, not even a month left for this special day and now is the perfect time to decide which flower you want to surprise your special one with on the day of love. While it might sound extremely easy, let’s be extremely honest about the fact that it’s easier said than done, right?.

Because choosing Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one will require some serious thoughts regarding the meaning behind the available flower options, your partner’s favorite flower, etc. You can’t just give him or her any flower that you randomly pick up from the market, it has to be meaningful enough to show that you have not just spent money but also some thoughts and time on it, that is what will make the gift special.

It has to correctly convey the message to the recipient that you are not just in love with him or her but you also see a future together with that person.

Now coming to the important question, have you decided which flower you want to give to your someone special on Valentine’s Day? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s getting late, choose already!

Every year approximately 10 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day, yes, 10 million! While rose, especially red rose, is the symbol of love and therefore is the most common Valentine’s Day flower (it has always been so), there are a lot of other flower options that you can choose from this year that will make your choice stand out.

Also, since red rose is a go-to flower on Valentine’s Day for most people, at times it also becomes unavailable at the stores because of the high demand and if it’s available at all, the price is high enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some alternate flower in mind to select for Valentine’s Day.

6 Valentine’s Day Flowers that Bear Roses

In case you are in a dilemma as to which valentine’s week bouquet you want to give and which flower to include in it, we have made a list of flowers which are the alternatives to rose and make the perfect Valentine’s Day flower-

  • Lilies

Lilies are simple yet gorgeous and they are the perfect alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day. White Lilies symbolize purity, innocence, beauty, and love, therefore you can either choose to give a flower arrangement made up of just white Lilies or you can go for a colorful bouquet made up of white Lilies along with with some vibrant red, pink or blue flowers for example. It’s a perfect gift for both him and her!

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  • Sunflowers

Sunflowers are vibrant and they are popularly known as “happy” flowers. They represent loyalty, adoration, and happiness, and are also believed to bring good luck. Just how your special one brightens up your day, Sunflowers can make anyone’s day bright too and isn’t that exactly what you want for your partner? Another amazing thing about SUnflower is that it doesn’t cost too much but it lasts a pretty long time, therefore making it a perfect gift. You can either give just a bunch of Sunflowers or you can pair them up with some other flowers like Mums and turn it into a gorgeous bouquet.

  • Daisies

Aren’t Daisies just lovely? Pick a bouquet that has Daisies and some pink flowers (maybe pink roses?) for your beautiful partner who makes each day a sweet one for you. This bouquet will not only look beautiful but will smell great too and it will be a very romantic gift.

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  • Tulips

Do you know what’s the great thing about Tulips, other than the fact that they look beautiful? Well, they grow even after they are cut from their stem, which means the recipient of this beautiful flower can enjoy it for quite a long time. Isn’t that just great? So as an alternative to rose this year, go for Tulips- pink ones for the girlfriend and blue ones for the boyfriend, and maybe yellow ones for the best friend whom you love the most.

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  • Alstroemeria

These are unique and an uncommon flower choice for Valentine’s Day, therefore making it a perfect alternative. These flowers are not just colorful and extremely lightweight but are also very affordable. Thus, Alstroemeria bouquets are ideal for Valentine’s Day!

  • Stargazers

Stargazers are mesmerizing! This bright red flower conveys your love for your special one in the most perfect manner and will brighten up his or her day for sure. You can pair it up with white flowers to give it a more gorgeous look and to make it more impactful, you can give it in a dark red or maroon vase. Perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement!

Irrespective of which flower you choose or which color you choose of which specific flower, make sure you pick it after giving it a good thought. If you want Valentines day roses or any Midnight Flower Delivery in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi or any other Indian city, order for your Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery on Bloomsvilla- fresh flowers will be delivered at midnight on Valentine’s Day without any extra or hidden cost.

May you have an amazing romantic Valentine’s Day this year with your special one and in case you don’t have such a person this year, we hope you still have the greatest day with your friends and family! Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.


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