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A Gift of Chappals Short Story (1)

A Gift of Chappals

A smiling Rukku Money opened the door. Ravi and Mina went out, and Ravi pulled the soft home into the house. Contradicting soft, “wait, let me close my sandal.”

He set them out well by a pair of big black painters. They were brown, in fact, with dust. You can see the clear traces of every leg ring on the front of each slipper. The scars for two big toes were long and scrawny.

Mridu did not have much time to wonder about whose sandal he was because Ravi pulled him in the backyard behind a thick bitter bush.

There, under a broken football underlined with sand and full of sand, having a very small cat, bring the milk from half the shell of a coconut.

“We found him outside the gate this morning. Mina said,” It was hard and screaming, it was bad. “It’s a secret. Amma says that the Pati will go to our mother’s house if she knows that we have a cat. ”

“People are always asking us to be kind to animals, but when we are, they shout, ‘Oh, do not bring that dirty creature here!’ “Ravi said.”

Do you know how difficult it is to get some milk from the kitchen? Pati saw me with a glass in my hand right now. I told him that I am very hungry, I want to drink it, but the way he saw me! I had to drink most of it to throw it with the fragrance.

Then he wanted the back tumbler. I told him, ‘Pati, Pati, I will wash it myself, why should I have trouble?’ I had to run and run milk in the shell of this coconut, and then had to run back and had to wash the tumble and it had to be put back before it actually became suspicious.

Now we have to think about any other way to feed Mahendran. ”

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“Mahendran? Is this small kitty named Mahendran?” Mildly impressed! It was a genuine name – not only an adorable Kitty-feline name. ”

In fact, his full name is Mahendravarma Pallava Punani, If you want, then you can make a little bit of a cottage. It is a good breed of the cat, just look at his fur, like a lion! And you know that the ancient Pallava kings What was the symbol of, is not it? “He was hoping in soft.”

Do you think I am kidding? Well, just wait, I will show you sometime, it is clear that you do not know anything about history, Mahabalipuram has not gone, are you?” He said mysteriously.

“Okay, when our class went to Mahabalipuram, I saw that there is a statue of his hectare, this is that … etc … etc. The fact is that Mahendran has descended from the same old cat here, a close relative, Scientifically speaking, no other than the lion.  

Pallava lion is a symbol of the Pallava dynasty! “Ravi went away, waving around a bitter bush, waving a twig up and down, waving his eyes it had.

“This cat is not a descendant of Mahabalipuram than any other sage-cat! And if I want to remind you, then they worshiped cats in ancient Egypt!”

How he loved the voice of his voice! Meena and Mridu interacted. The soft asked, “What does he have to do with something?”  

“Huh! I’m telling you that this cat has landed … from the cat god of Egypt … no, Goddess! Bastet! Or! Just!”

“Well, one of the cat-goddess descendants was a Stove in one of the Pallava ships,

and his descendant was Mahabalipuram Rishi-cat, whose descendants -” Ravi grew his mill in Mahendran “- Mp3 here phone … hoop eek! “He bowed, was very happy with himself.

Mahendran saw, worried. He was sharpening his paws on the edge of the coconut shell. But compared to Ravi’s awesome Hoop EEK, ‘Creech … from the worse window!’  

Was there. What a weird voice! If ludicrous was shocked, MP Poonai was scared of his wits. Standing at the end of the hair, he jumped and leaned towards a bamboo tray of red chilies which was prepared to dry.

While trying to hide under it, he put some chilies on himself. “Mi-a-aw!” He screamed badly.

‘Striking’ was going on. Mridu said, “What is that noise?” Ravi said, “She is learning to learn the violin.”

” He will never have the capacity to get the hang of anything.” The music ace is playing like a transport train, while Lalli is pointless constantly! The track is going totally! “


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