9 Ways to Make Your Home Interior Stand Out

Ways to Make Your Home Interior Stand Out

With so many interior design trends on the loose, it’s sometimes challenging to make your home look unique.

You’ll find similar colour and patterns that are trending, and it can feel like you’ve been spending time at one and the same place even though you may have been to several different houses.

If you want your home to get the chic look and really stand out from others, we have a few suggestions that will make any room in your home pop.

Go for a bold colour scheme

Warm neutrals, muted hues and clean white spaces have been everywhere. It’s all we’ve been hearing about in the past years, with slight variations on the subject.

If you really want to add a dose of uniqueness to your interior, consider colour blocking. Yes, it can seem very challenging.

But trust us when we tell you that it will make your interior look stunning. Painting walls and furniture the same colour will add a dose of luxury and elegance to space as well.

That is especially true if you go for dark bold colours such as emerald green and add gold accent pieces. From doorknobs to gold vases and window frames, you’ll create the ultimate high-class interior.

Consider statement wallpapers

Another way to make a statement with walls is to choose one or two walls that will be the focal point of the room. If you go for a white-on-white interior, consider placing vibrantly coloured wallpapers on one or two walls. That way you’ll balance out the whiteness and make the room look alive.

From flowers to green leaves, marble patterns, and a variety of geometric patterns, look for wallpapers that will breathe life into the room and make you want to spend hours in the room.

Wall stencil patterns are another option for making a statement with wall design. They add more of your accent colour to the room without overwhelming it.

Modern geometric and Moroccan patterns will give an updated look to your home.

Lavish lighting fixtures for a posh look

Quality lighting fixtures will contribute immensely to the entire look of your interior. Just by putting a large lavish chandelier in the middle of the living room ceiling will scream opulence.

Not to mention if, alongside that, you place a free-standing lamp that overlooks the sofa. With scones mounted on the walls, you’ll get both a layered lighting arrangement and visually pleasing décor.

Make sure you pay attention to the type of bulbs and go green while making your home look outstanding. Designer light fixtures will add more elegance to your home, so if you want to splurge, that’s where to put your money.

If you’re not willing to pay a lot of money for lighting fixtures but still want to have high-class looking lamps and chandeliers, you can always look them up at the flea market or shop second-hand. 

Retile floors for a dose of chic

Just like walls, floors can make or break your interior design. Nothing will make your room pop the way statement tiles would, for instance.

Have you considered retiling the entire home? How about just one room for starters? You can find affordable mosaic tiles in a variety of modern patterns and colours and match them with the walls to create a unique, cohesive look in your home.

Have you considered dark hardwood floors? How about black and white checkered tiles for the ultimate high-class look? Laminate can be a good option as well if you find hardwood floors too costly. With a few area rugs, you’ll create a warm and cosy home that will leave everyone in awe. 

Style up your furniture

A fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets and a TV stand can make a huge difference in your home décor. So, if you’ve noticed that your furniture has become dingy and needs replacing, you don’t have to break a bank for it.

Instead of buying new pieces, work on your DIY skills and start giving the pieces a new, uplifted look. Change handles, repaint or invest in self-adhesive furniture covering.

The ones with stone, marble and wood patterns will instantly give a more polished look to your furniture and make everyone think you spruced hundreds or thousands of dollars on something that was more than cost-effective. 

Add crown moulding

Have you noticed how crown moulding add a dose of luxury to the room? It’s amazing how such small details instantly make the room look elegant and incredibly styled up.

Instead of making the room look cheap or unfinished, add crown moulding to brings the ceiling and the walls together and achieve a complete or finished look.

So, consider investing in all types of moulding such as a crown, high baseboard, ceiling beams, columns, ceiling medallions, and chair rails, to make your room stand out and look like it’s been decorated by a professional interior designer.

With crown moulding, your room will look like it’s just been prepared to be featured in an interior design magazine.

Accessories are of the essence

From a statement coffee table to decorative throw pillows, accessories will make the room look put together. Asymmetric coffee tables have gained in popularity just like lucite ones, or those featuring gold elements.

Punch-up the elegance factor with accent pillows while making that sofa even cosier. 22-inch pillow covers stuffed with 24-inch inserts will look perfect offering just enough plushness for you to rest when you need an afternoon nap.

Wall accessories will also add that necessary wow factor to your interior. Whether you go for large elegant mirrors or custom art pieces, you’ll dress up the walls perfectly to make the room stand out. 

Keep the rooms clutter-free

One of the basic rules of modern elegant interiors is that there should be no clutter anywhere. Not only is clutter unsightly, but all the pieces that serve no purpose and haven’t been used for months will accumulate loads of dust.

Treat all the stains immediately after you’ve noticed or caused them, to prevent your floors or furniture from looking shabby. Clean the windows regularly and allow the natural light to shine bright inside.

If you have bookshelves, make piles for books, magazines, decorative objects like vases or photos, and small items and organize them accordingly. Use decorative boxes to store magazines and papers you’ll eventually need but don’t have to use on a daily basis.

Step up your drape game

Window treatments will affect the way your interior looks in more ways than one. Don’t even think about skipping on putting them on because, without window treatments, the room will look unfurnished.

You shouldn’t opt for too short drapes either because they’ll give out a completely wrong impression. Not only do too short drapes look unsightly, but they also make the room look shabby and cheap. That’s why you can use one simple trick and add elegance and style to the room.

Hang drapes from ceiling to the floor, and let them fall freely down. Go for bold colours if you want to make a statement.

Choose lined draperies that appear elegant and expensive but are very cost-effective. Natural silk, linen, and cotton are the safest choices if you don’t mind splurging. 

Make the ceiling a focal point

We’ve mentioned that you can easily make a statement by painting one wall a bold colour or using wallpapers to accentuate it.

How about doing that with the ceiling instead? Maybe you’ve never thought about painting your ceiling a different colour than white, but it can be a real game-changer when it comes to interior design.

Not only will you make the room stand out, but you’ll also add interest and height to your interior. If you go for white walls, a yellow ceiling can be a good option.

Yellow will go great with an orangey-red room too if you’d like to achieve the warm zesty interior. You can also go for a dark brown ceiling if the rest of your interior leans towards beigey creamy hues. 

Final thoughts

If you’re in the middle of redecorating and you need new ideas to start refreshing your home interior, feel free to borrow some of our ideas.

With so many options, you’ll certainly find at least one to incorporate into your remodelling project. Furthermore, they’ll potentially spark your imagination and maybe inspire you to do make your interior stand out in a different, more unique way.


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