Are you planning to boost the conversion rate of your website? Getting huge traffic to your website is an added bonus, but if the traffic does not convert, it is useless. This blog outlines eight proven strategies that will get your visitors to take quick actions, whether it is for making a purchase, handing the email address or filling the form. 

1.  Website design plays a major role.

According to the research conducted by Stanford University, 46.1% of people claimed that website design is the top criterion to decide if an organization is credible or not. Hence, it is an extremely important step to check whether your design is appealing and looks professional. For this, you need to hire an experienced web developer and designer as they can save your resources and time with web development and designing tools. They would be proficient in managing the website in automated routine tasks.

Back in the year 2012, A survey conducted by Google continues to give information about web design across the globe. It gathered several types of design to check the first impression from the viewers. 

Based on the data collected, Google determined that the visitors make the first impression of the website (regarding the appeal and attraction) within 1/20 of a second. It was observed that the visually complex websites were interpreted consistently as less alluring and beautiful.

Website design plays a major role.

Note:- Simplified web design can help the visitors to focus on the essential and important contents. 

2.  Incorporate as few fields as possible.

When asking for general information in an email opt-in form, try to take as much as little information as possible. It has been observed that an additional field form decreases the conversion rate by 11%. 

3.  Deploy the optimization strategy of conversion rate based on your data.

If you are already checking the data about your website from tools like Google Analytics, then you are in a positive state. It is always good to examine the patterns of your data on which you can plan your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy. 

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4.  Optimize the conversion funnels. 

The basic conversion funnel exists on four primary segments which are interest, awareness, conversion, and consideration. 

Optimize the conversion funnels.

From this basic formula, you can figure out what exactly can make your prospect’s brand:- 

Awareness, engaging the interest of the prospect, encourage them and convince them to consider your product.

5.  Implement the use of video to enlighten your brand.

Video content is the most popular medium for any business today. Because it is more memorable, engaging and popular among the customers.

It is always the best option to include simple videos on landing pages. It will show that there is a real person behind the brand. 

6.  Use high-quality images.

Google clearly claims that “A picture speaks worth a thousand words”. When adding the images to the self-storage site, take the below-mentioned factors into account:-

  • The images should directly pertain to the content on your website.
  • Include and write image title tags and alt text descriptions.
  • Use the names of smart files.
  • Work with the best web experts.

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7. Add varied Call-To-Action buttons.

Your “order now” or “buy now” button will perform quite differently. It depends upon the location where it is placed, how big and what color it is. You must understand thus that there is no one-size-fits-all Call-To-Action for any business. As a business owner, you should test and check multiple iterations that perform the best. 

Using visual reports and recordings with tools such as Crazy Egg, you can test different call-to-action at different points on your web page. You can check which one gets more engagement. For example, you want each Call-To-Action button to lead to the same landing page, but they should have different designs and copies of a button. This will increase the conversion rate of your web page. 

8. Perform A/B testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing. It allows your webmasters to split your audience and test numerous versions of a single web page. This test will determine and ascertain which one is effective and performs better. In simple words, your webmaster will show marketing content to the first half of the audience and version B to the other. A software of A/B testing 

9. Use testimonials.

The testimonials on the website provide social proof as well as reduce the risk. It is very much clear that the reviews by customers play an influential role in helping visitors to make quick purchase decisions. Hence, it is always better to implement them on your product and email opt-in landing pages. 

88% of respondents claimed that their purchasing decisions were highly influenced by checking the reviews (positive and negative). 

Final Note

In conclusion, now that you have understood these eight proven strategies. Put these principles in good use to improve the conversion rate. We have provided some of the best tips to increase the conversion rate.

All you have to do is run a conversion rate audit to check where your website should use a boost!.

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