8 Simple Strategies to Reduce Stress at Work

Strategies to Reduce Stress

Work related stress can make you so anxious and irritable, but it can also highly impact your physical health.

Being faced with work stress or anywhere for that matter, can cause to release of flight and fight hormones that can raise your BP (Blood Pressure), increase heart rate and make it hard for you to sleep at night. It also contributes the health  issues like as cancer and heart disease.

So, finding the right ways to reduce work stress can work wonders for your health. So, how to stop of worry or stress?

We have some stress management tips to make work – related stress more manageable. As a PM or a team leader you will have to follow these simple steps to calm your staffs to lead a stress free work environment.

8 Tips Employees Reduce Stress in the Workplace

#Relax When There Is No Work

When you stay up late to watch TV or play on your iPad, it might feel like you are relieving stress, but not if you are actually missing the sleep to do it.

Poor sleep cycle makes it harder to deal with stress and if your stress is higher the more difficult it becomes to sleep.

To quit this cycle, you will have to cut all the electronics at a specific time and spend at least twenty minutes relaxing in sleep preparation.

You can relax having a cup of tea or soak in a warm bath. Then go to bed to get seven straight hours of sleep. It’s so much easier to deal with stress when you have the “Super sleep“.

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#Encouraging Workplace Wellness

Healthy living and exercise are a match made in heaven to battle against workplace stress. Work out can calm your mind and take off the stress which eventually leads to more focus on projects at hand.

It also improves moods by enhancing the endorphins production, a neurotransmitter that can calm your brain.

Ask your team to go for a walk in the lunch breaks, or just ask them to enroll for a gym membership. You can also bring a yoga instructor once a week to put into the fitness track.

#Revamping The Work Environment

A lot of stress comes from the habitat. Consider to revamp the office space for the wellness of your employees. Simple things like the height of the cubicle, the quality of the tea or coffee can also affect your teams’ engagement.

Update the  environment with an upbeat color scheme, also introduce indoor plants, etc. Think about bringing in the Ping Pong or foosball table to enable your team to take their mind stress for a couple of minutes. Implementing changes can increase team enjoyment which results in stress relieved.

#Planning The Day

Don’t think to tackle your day without a proper schedule. Having a blueprint of what you wish to complete every day helps to reduce stress.

Don’t keep everything in your head. Jot it down so you know the direction to take every morning before you begin your day.

Not knowing what you want to do creates uncertainty, which can contribute to stress. Plan and write down the plans on paper.

#Allow Virtual Working And Flexible Hours

You hired a team because you believe their confidence and their ability to accomplish the tasks or  well and most importantly in a timely manner.

The workspace should not give them a feeling of a cell, rather an environment that facilitates getting a task done.

Let your team know that they are defined by the timeliness the quality of their work, not when they strike the clock.

Offer them a chance to work from home, and the flexibility to being and end times. This freedom is an excellent office morale, and this working pattern shows that you trust your team more.

You can equip your team with some good task management software which saves you time and help you to manage your team effortlessly.

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#Encouraging Social Activity

Team members spend a lot of time together and when they feel more comfortable, the less stressed out they must feel.

As they get to know their peers, interaction barriers and expectations are broken down, greasing the wheels of uncomplicated future communications. If team love spending time with peers, they will be less stressed at work.

#Creating A Calm Time

Stress cannot be avoided entirely, but you can actually help alleviate it when it arises. Make sure your team has a place where they can relax.

According to the survey, more than eighty percent of ideal and disengaged team love to have stress – relief gaps, like as a massage or a nap.

#Offering On-Site Counseling

Many organizations have also started to offer counseling as a way for staffs to help deal with the stress; about half of the employees felt they wanted guidance on how to handle with work related stresses. This method –  group settings, and other options available – can help staffs prepare for what stress might arise.


However you choose the strategies listed above, your staffs will love the way you treat them for their success. This will make them happier and more comfortable which in turn reduce their stress levels.

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