7 Ways To Dress Up Your Dog

7 Ways To Dress Up Your Dog

Dogs are incredibly loyal and intelligent pets that have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. They are undoubtedly the most common pets in homes.

In the US alone, about 53% of households have dogs. Because of these reasons, many people dress their dogs up like humans, and dogs can’t get enough of it. Unfortunately, many dog owners make a mistake when dressing up their dog that ruins the whole look. 

If you’re in this situation, you’re in luck. Here are seven tips for dressing up your dog that you would find helpful. 

Dress Up Your Dog
  • Take your dog’s measurements.

Without taking your dog’s measurements, you won’t be able to find the right fit for your canine. In some cases, you may get a size that’s too small, making your dog uncomfortable and unable to wear it.

If you force the clothing in your canine, you could be harming them. On the other hand, getting a size that’s too big for your dog tends to make your dog look funny. Also, because it won’t fit, it’ll most likely fall off your dog often. 

For example, fashion pet coats would only look great on your dog if it fits snugly and correctly. A size too big or small could make your dog look funny, which is most likely the opposite of your intentions. 

Hence, taking your dog’s measurements is paramount to dressing up your dog excellently. Start by taking the dog’s height, and then go on to take the other dimensions.

This gives you a clear understanding of the sizes you can buy for your dog when you visit the pet store. 

  • Make sure they’re comfortable with being dressed up.

Naturally, your dog may not be too keen on trying on some particular types of clothing. Some clothing materials may make the dog uncomfortable.

Hence, the second step to getting them dressed is making sure they’re comfortable wearing that clothing or generally being dressed up. You can do this by introducing a small piece of clothing to them and seeing how they react. 

If they don’t react to it, then they don’t mind being dressed up. However, if your pet constantly tries to reach the clothing to pull it off or behave strangely, it would be best not to make it wear that particular fabric. 

Make sure they’re comfortable with being dressed up.
  • Choose the right apparel.

When you want to dress up your dog, figuring out the appropriate outfit for an occasion is crucial.

As a human, you can’t wear a beach outfit to a dinner party, and the same applies to your canine.

Hence, figure out the dress code of the occasion you want to take your dog to. 

  • Pick a matching outfit.

After choosing the right apparel for your dog, the next thing to do is pick a matching outfit. This action tends to get you a lot of attention and spark a lot of exciting conversations. For example, dressing your dog as Frankenstein’s monster while you dress up as Frankenstein at a Halloween party is sure to get you a lot of looks and positive compliments!

  • Consider your dog’s comfort.

Your dog’s comfort should be of utmost importance when dressing up your dog. More often than not, the dog’s personality and temperament will significantly influence your dog’s comfortability with a particular piece of clothing.

For example, a highly energetic dog that likes to move around may find it uncomfortable to move around in a heavy and oversized piece of clothing.

Hence, it’s essential to try and pick clothes that would complement your dog’s temperament. Highly energetic canines would find it best to wear light clothing, while relatively normal dogs can wear virtually any piece of clothing. 

  • Make sure the apparel is safe for the dog to wear

When picking a cloth, one of the first questions to ask your dog is, “is the apparel safe for my dog to wear?”

If it’s not, it would be best if you avoid purchasing it. Otherwise, forcing your dog to wear something dangerous may provide you with more problems than you bargained for.

For example, your dog may find a piece of clothing with a lot of ornaments appealing. They may try to gnaw at the decorations in an attempt to eat them. If your dog is successful, they could end up choking on the piece of ornament. 

  • Exercise patience

Sometimes, your dog may not be interested in trying out any cloth, which is perfectly normal. Dogs are not used to having foreign objects placed on them. In this case, exercise some patience and give them some time to adjust to the idea of wearing clothes. Start with a small piece of clothing, and gradually work your way up. 

Final Thoughts 

Admittedly, trying to dress up your dog may seem challenging. Luckily, these seven tips above would give you a good guide on how to dress up your dog and steal some looks.


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