7 Habits of Highly Effective Corporate Presenters

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Sharing corporate information with stakeholders is the causal part of everyday business tasks and activities. However, not every individual is comfortable with public speaking, as corporate presentations require active support for the persuasive delivery of information. It is evident from the fact that many people actually suffer from presentation-phobia that is manifested in nausea, trembling, sweating, negative thoughts, and fatigue.

The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” – George Jessel
Source:- https://www.moviequotes.com/quotes-by/george-jessel/

Keeping the above situation in mind, it is safe to say that presentation skills are easy to figure out and hard to nurture. But, where there is a will – there is way! The book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey can help you learn the art of delivering persuasive business presentations.

So, a list of all essential habits for becoming a successful business presenter is discussed in this blog post to provide a better idea – read until you get success!

Essential Habits to Become an Outstanding Corporate Presenter

People working in the corporate sector are already familiar with the basics of delivering highly influential presentations for alluring clients and business investors. However, it takes some nerves to become significantly effective while conveying the corporate message to the targeted audience thought spectacular presentations. For this, you have to focus on nurturing essential habits that are the keys to success.

Let’s consider the top most important 7 habits that will help you get through the presentations with flying colors:

Habit One: Pro-Activeness

Are you still dragged by the myth that influential communication is an in-born ability? It yes, you need to understand that public speaking and presentation skills can be learned. Don’t get with the misconnections and myths when you are the owner of your destiny.

Remember! Every individual is a presenter as people have to exhibit their personality to the world every second. So, you just need to improve your soft skills for bringing out the best out of you. It is suggested to adopt a pro-active approach towards acquiring all essential capabilities and traits of influencing others with comprehensive communication skills.

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Habit Two: Clarity of End Results

The habit two, as Stephen Covey defined, is to start with a mindset of the clear end. It is a journey of contemplation developed on the principles that you have already imagined the end of your beginning. The same is applied to the art of presentation delivery to the targeted audience with success.

How? You should have the objective of your business presentation in mind while preparing the speaking notes. In this way, you will be able to figure out the key points that can help you inspire the people. Not only this, forming a habit of sharing your ideas in front of your colleagues for improvement can contribute positively to skills improvement.

Don’t forget to consider how your audience is expected to feel during the process of listening to your ideas and information.

Habit Three: Set Your Priorities

The habit of putting important things first is the key to make your presentation highly effective. Most of the people failed to create compelling stories as they focus more on petty facts and figures while overlooking the central ideas. So, you have to figure out ways to stay connected with the objective of your presentation by setting priorities.

Don’t forget to accept the challenge of streamlining your corporate objectives in a well-defined priority list to avoid haphazard presentations!

Habit Four: Consider Happy Medium

Nurturing a habit of considering a win-win for all can help you succeed in business presentations. It is because people be the part of corporate presentations to generate ROI, and so, they should be given for what they are listening to you. What’s for the audience in your presentation will significantly help you create a happy medium scenario for all and sundry.

This habit significantly revolves around the concept that you have to prepare the presentation for a cooperative idea instead of competitive. It will not only help you to pursue the audience but also will create a gesture of goodwill, leading to an exclusive approach!

Habit Five: Comprehend first to be understood

This is something critical because every individual should build the capacity of understanding things and persons first, then expecting to be understood by them. It is important because most of the people don’t listen if you are not talking about their interests. So, it is suggested to look into the detail of your targeted audience and check for the required information that can inspire them at once and for all.

Don’t forget to develop essential skills of active listening can help you understand the intentions of your targeted audience to serve them better!

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Habit Six: Synergize

It is imperative to understand that audiences are not silent listeners. You have to value their presence in your presentations by allowing them to participate in conversations. An effective presenter should maintain a balance of speaking and listening for full-duplex communication. It will significantly help you to pursue the people towards your business goals.

The wisdom and foresightedness of Stephen Covey help in considering synergy as the most important element of delivery corporate presentations. It will help to achieve meaningful results by opening the audience to become stakeholders in the idea. Not only this, you will be able to adopt a different approach to bring out a different perspective of the same concept. Learn to synergize more with an inspiring body language and welcoming expressions!

Habit Seven: Sharpen the Saw

Last but not least, Stephen Covey has done a marvelous job by defining habit seven as it is Jewel in the crown. Sharpen the saw referred to the habit of preserving and improving the greatest asset that individuals have. You can nourish the habit of improving personal and professional skills for effective renewal.

The habit highlights the importance of harmony and growth to achieve higher milestones. For this, the companies and presenters are equally responsible for bringing out the best to deliver corporate ideas effectively to the targeted audience. You can be the part of presentation skills training Dubai based programs to stay ahead in harnessing the effectiveness. No doubt, regular practice will help you sharpen the saw for delivering awe-inspiring corporate presentations!

Ace your presentations with effective habits!

Summing up, a brief overview of grooming essential habits to become an effective presenter is based on the most influential write-up by Stephen Covey. The book has changed the life of many people, and hopefully, you are going to get success in your presentation skills by working on effective habit building in the personal and professional spheres. Don’t forget to rehearse a lot because practice makes a man perfect!


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