7 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids

7 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids

Fun-filled, simple outdoor activities with kids is a great way to make them feel special. You can also make your children feel more confident about themselves. You and your kids must enjoy every minute of it. Some great activities you can do with your kids outdoors include walking in a nature trail, playing basketball, and going bird watching. All of these are simple, fun activities that you and your kids can do together. You can also take your kids on some great camping adventures that you can do in the woods or take your kids on a fishing trip. All you have to do is choose a spot, pick a rod, a place to anchor the boat, and make sure that you have a couple of kids with you to go fishing with you! 

With a new activity in your check-list, make sure it is age-appropriate. Read the seven fun and simple outdoor activities for your kids to spend quality time together.

Playing baseball

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Playing baseball with kids is very fun. They love to play and to learn. But sometimes it is not easy because they are just too young to understand what is going on or why it is such a fun activity—teaching a kid when he is young is just as easy as showing a child what to do. When your kid is a toddler, get him or her to sit on your lap and pretend that he or she is in the batter’s box. Next, tell your child that he or she has to hit the ball with a bat and hit it the way you want them to catch it. When your child is old enough to hit the ball with a bat and hit it the way you want them to hit it, tell them that they have to run around the bases and run to the other team’s dugout. When your kid does this, show your kid a couple of things. You can tell your kid to hit the ball the way you want him or her to run it and walk around the bases!


Geocaching is an exciting sport that requires a level of skill and knowledge for all kids. In this game, as the searcher, the kids have to find items of interest hidden around the local area and then return them to their designated hiding place. These are generally called ‘caches,’ These are on the map, and the searcher needs to use the GPS unit to find their cache. Geocaching is an excellent way for a young child to get outside, meet new people, and an enjoyable way for the family to bond and get out and about in nature together. 

Geocaching is an excellent way for them to learn about the world and involve themselves with things that they enjoy. This outdoor fun activity with kids has become incredibly popular and is now very popular worldwide. This particular outdoor game is something that stands simple and can be fun and rewarding for all the kids and the parents. 

Camping out

Camping out with kids is a great way to spend time together and experience an extraordinary camping vacation. Camping out in a tent with the rest of your camping friends and family can be the experience that you need to recharge your batteries and get yourself back on the road to becoming a better person. The first thing you need to consider is choosing the right camping tent for your kids. There are tents available that are reasonably priced, and make sure the tent you choose has enough space for your kids to sleep comfortably and enough room for their camping gear. When you are camping out with kids, the best way to get around is by using a car roof rack. It makes it easy to store things when you are not using them. And being attached to your car also makes it easy to keep the camping gear well-organized and easily accessible.  

Bounce and swing with balloons

Bounce and swing with kids is a game of skill and timing. It relies on a technique where you put a balloon into a child’s hands and allow him or her to bounce it up and down until it reaches the top or bottom of the play area. The child will need to keep his or her hands up to control the balloon, so they are in constant motion. Once the balloon reaches the bottom of the play area, the child has to swing it back and forth in the air.

The way you bounce the balloon depends on a skill that you and your children will develop over time. It is a very entertaining game and will help your kids bond with their toys.

Do some gardening

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Gardening with your little ones is a fun way to get into the hobby of gardening with your children. They can learn about the different types of plants that you can plant and how they are grown, and they can learn a lot of other useful information about the gardening process. Gardening with kids is especially important if you plan to start a garden in your yard or garden in other people’s backyard.

While gardening with kids, you have to know that you will need a little planning. You want to make sure that you get the soil and the plants ready in advance of the big day, so that you can get the kids all sit and have all of their supplies available! This simple outdoor activity will help them develop good soil and pest-control habits. 

Strap-on the Roller Skates

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Roller Skating is very fun for kids. There are many reasons for you to strap-on the roller skates with kids. One is that you want to get some exercise, and you want to get a workout for the entire family. Kids love getting out and having fun, and they enjoy spending some time out in the snow or skating in the park with their friends or hanging out at the beach with their friends. These few different options you can choose from will make it much easier for you to enjoy this outdoor activity

Boating with kids

Pick up a paddle with your little ones. It is a simple concept that has many advantages over other options like an inflatable kayak and an inflatable canoe. The young ones can use it for a variety of reasons but most commonly for fishing. It also works suitable for boating during weekend mornings.

If you have a couple of kids who love to row and sail, boating with kids can be fun. Just make sure that you have the appropriate boating gear and equipment before going out on a trip with your children. 


The benefits of having fun and physical outdoor activities for kids are many. According to various studies, physical activity helps kids have a better sense of self-esteem, has more positive effects than conventional parenting, and helps build stronger muscles. Not to mention, physical activity also helps improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and balance. However, just what actions are appropriate for kids? The list of seven fun and simple activities will surely act as an excellent guideline to plan for the future.


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