6 Wedding Cake Flavors That Are Just Apt For Your Wedding


What is the centerpiece at a wedding after a bride and groom? Yes, you guess it right. It the Wedding cake. Since a cake is the quintessential element of any celebration.

Hence, picking up an apt wedding cake becomes an earthshaking task. Over the years, the idea of wedding cakes has changed drastically.

There have emerged many designs and flavors which have set a benchmark for wedding cakes. You get to choose from a plethora of colors, infinite numbers of intriciute patterns, and sugar and fondant roses to decorate your big day’s cake.

So, putting together the idea of your dream wedding cake becomes a brainstorming adventure. However, the advancement in every field has solved most of our problems efficiently.

There are many online portals that provide aesthetically beautiful wedding cakes. Never settle down for less when it’s about your wedding cakes.

Explore and research all the nearby bakers, online stores and when you find “the one” for you, order cake online.

So, if you have designed the cake and its essentials already in your head but you are not sure about the flavor you want your wedding cake to be, then this platform will help you reach your final destination.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make up your mind regarding the flavor of your wedding cake. So, let’s get started!!

White Chocolate with Raspberry

Blending together the heavenly taste of raspberry with white chocolate is the straightaway passage to salvation, right?

The sweetness of white chocolate when gets clubbed with the fruitiness of raspberry, nothing could stop this flavor from becoming the best choice for a winning wedding cake. This flavor has gained popularity in 2019 and has been proving itself the right choice of the couples.

Coconut and Lime

Nothing more could satisfy your soul than a creamy and rich coconut cake accompanied with lemon frosting. What else would you ask for?

This is the faultless choice for those who refrain from the chocolate flavor family. Many bakers have accepted that this heavenly combo is a ‘popular choice’ among non-chocolate lovers. Also, this flavor is gaining momentum as the most loved wedding cake flavor in 2019.

Pink Champagne

This cake is as unique as its name itself. Do you want to know what is so unique about this cake? Let me pop up the bubble for you.

This cake is prepared using champagne in its batter and not water. The pink color which adds elegance to this cake is produced using food coloring dye. I don’t think there’s a better cake to celebrate than from a cake containing champagne in it.

Now coming on the decoration part, this cake has a topping of Bavarian whipped cream, rum-flavored custard, and dyed pink white chocolate shavings. You can get online cake delivery by ordering this mouth-watering cake online.

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Well, many people must be frowning upon reading this name. But honestly, nothing can ever go wrong with a vanilla-flavored wedding cake. The traditional vanilla cake has again returned as one of the most loved wedding cakes by couples.

The vanilla cake needs no introduction as this cake is a simple cake with vanilla frosting. However, you can dress up this cake as per your imagination with fruits, fillings, or frosting.

Also, this cake is the appropriate choice for those couples who are not willing to take any risk with any other flavor. They can easily rely on Vanilla cake since we all have been enjoying this delicacy since we first gained our consciousness.

Red Velvet Cake

Ofcourse, this cake needs no introduction. This flavor has been ruling the hearts of the people with a sweet tooth and even those without a sweet tooth have accepted that they cannot resist this flavor.

The name of this cake gets fit appropriately as the deep red color of the cake duly justifies it. Don’t you think that red velvet is the perfect choice to celebrate love and romance?

Moreover, this gorgeous looking cake firs perfectly to enhance the elegance of your wedding.


There are few people who always want to stand out from the crowd. Be it their wedding theme or be it their wedding cake and finding a unique wedding cake is no kids game.

So, here is the apt cake for such couples. This non-traditional wedding cake is trending as one of the popular wedding cakes of 2019.

Due to the presence of nuts and grated carrots as the main ingredient of this cake, this dense and soft cake has amazing consistency.

Another highlighting feature about this cake is that it is clubbed with cheese cream frosting. So for those couples, who are not really fond of chocolate and vanilla cake, can blindly count on this carrort cake as their wedding cake.

So, cakes and wedding go hand in hand. Cakes have a pivotal role in making a wedding memorable one.

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