6 Tips to Minimize the Spread of Covid-19 in the Workplace

Minimize the Spread of Covid-19 in the Workplace

Coronavirus Disease 2019, also known as Covid-19, is a respiratory disease that has had a severe outbreak worldwide, affecting millions.

It has been a year since the SARS coronavirus spread across the world, affecting millions of people, their daily lifestyle, and most importantly, the corporate and industrial sectors, causing an economic crisis worldwide.

After months of lockdown and work from home, the working sector has finally opened up again, and the employees are resuming work from the offices.

It is becoming imperative for employers to take utmost precautionary measures to reduce transmission in the workplace. Updating specific plans and hiring cleaning services to minimize exposure and transmission risks has become the year’s key highlight.

Tips for Employers to Reduce the Risk of Exposure of Covid-19 at Workplaces:

There are some necessary steps and tips for organizations’ employers to reduce the risk of their employees’ exposure to SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. These essential steps are easily applicable to all organizations-

#1.Keep the Workplace Clean and Hygienic

Now that the workplaces have slowly started to call their employees back to the offices and start work again, it has become crucial for them to take exceptional cleanliness measures with regular sanitization and minimal contact.

It is the employer’s foremost duty to ensure that the people at the workplace practice utmost hygiene. It is also a must to regularly disinfect surfaces, such as the desks, including stationery and electronics. There must be bottles of hand sanitizers at every table and cubicle.

Disinfecting these surfaces is essential because touching surfaces by employees and clients is common to spread the virus unknowingly.

Apart from training your employees on keeping minimal contact, the employers must also invest in professional cleaning companies that can provide them with the best cleaning services daily, such as Woodard Cleaning.

Keep the Workplace Clean and Hygienic

#2. Promote and Regulate Hand Wash Culture

Regular and thorough hand washing is one habit that employers need to teach the workers. Seminars and training may help them understand and emphasize the importance of regularly washing their hands, especially when employees enter the office.

The employers must also ensure that there are sanitizing hand rub dispensers at every workstation refilled regularly. Hand sanitizers with appropriate alcohol content are ideal for preventing the spread of the virus. 

The employers can seek help from occupational health and safety officers and local public health authorities. They can assist in spreading awareness in the organizations and hold meetings for all employees. Hanging posters can help the clients, customers, and contractors take note of all precautionary measures too.

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#3. Promote Respiratory Hygiene

It is essential to follow the mask mandates at workplaces since many people travel from different parts of the city. Communicating the importance of wearing masks at the workplace is critical, and employers can do it through seminars and meetings hosted by public health officials.

Employers must also store extra surgical masks and tissues for people with a mild cold at the workplace. They must also have closed bins to dispose of the tissues and masks once used.

Promote Respiratory Hygiene

#4. Talk About the Symptoms

The employers must brief the employees about the symptoms of Covid-19 and what they must do in case someone develops the symptoms.

To avoid, or at least reduce, the spread of the virus in the workplace, the employers must instruct the employees that if anyone starts to develop a mild cough or flu-like symptoms, they must stay at home.

Displaying posters and promoting this message through internal communication channels can help the employees understand gravity.

You can even hold campaigns to spread awareness and the importance of staying at home if one develops the symptoms. The employers must also consider this leave as sick leave to relieve the employees of the stress.

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#5. Business Trips

If the employers have to send their employees or contractors on business trips, they must take maximal precaution throughout the travel and after their return. The employers must advise them to consult the national travel advice before leaving for any trips within or outside the country.

Once the employees have returned from the business trip, they must get a quarantine leave of at least seven days to avoid the risk of spreading the virus in the workplace after their return. 

#6. Implement Workplace Controls

There are ways to control the workplace hazards that organizations need to adapt and implement. It may not be possible to eradicate the threat, but employers can take specific effective measures to lower the risk. Some of these measures are engineering controls, administrative controls, PPE, and safe work practices.

Engineering controls include installing air filters, increased ventilation, installation of physical barriers between desks, etc.

Administrative controls include encouragement of sick leave, initiating emergency communication plans, establishing alternate shifts, etc.

The use of PPE kits is also a useful measure that the organizations have started to adapt. PPE includes gloves, face shields, masks, and goggles. Organizations need to teach the employees how and when to use these PPE kits.

Implement Workplace Controls

Final Thoughts

As the industrial sector is beginning to rise and win back all the financial losses it faced in the previous year, it is essential to prepare your employees well before getting back into it. Simple precautions and smart planning can make a huge difference and help you protect your employees, as well as your business, efficiently. 


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