6 Daily Morning Routine Habits For Healthy Start To Your Day

Morning Daily Routine Habits For Healthy Start To Your Day

Mornings are to be pleasant and joyful for your day. If you wake up unscheduled, running late to work, you usually don’t feel good about the day and it becomes evident in your mind that this day will not be good for you. which means that you start your day with a lot of negativity and laziness.

You wake up nauseated and rub your eyes to washrooms to freshen up when every inch of your body just wants to go back to bed and fall asleep.

All these bounds to ruin your whole day.

If you do wake up early feeling unpleasant about it, trust me it won’t bring you any benefit. You must have a proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours minimum.

It is quintessential because if you don’t give a proper end to your day you won’t be able to get a proper start and it’s the same day to day cycle for everyone.

It is advised by every health expert & nutritionist to wake up early, around 5 to 6 PM daily but there is a lot that adds up to your Daily morning routine to give a healthy Life start to your day. A healthy morning routine is necessary to keep you going for the whole day.

Some of the essential Daily morning routines For Healthy Life one must follow to give a healthy Life start to the day are –

6 Tips For Daily Routine to Be Healthy In Life


One thing jogging or going on a morning walk does to you is the cure of procrastination, if you w0ke up early and ready to go on a morning jog/walk you have already defeated your laziness to an extent.

Jogging or walking

Jogging or walking in the morning brings the attitude of being ready to do something, instead of delaying it.

When you go on a morning walk you actually start your day rather than just planning it, it releases negative thoughts from your mind, you feel rejuvenated with the morning breeze & have time to actually plan for your day.

Going for a walk/jog in the morning provides you a sense of good vibes that you actually got out of your bed rather than just making false promises.

If you’re new to this then you may start with brisk walking. But again it is essential that you start.

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Cold Water Shower

It’s not going to be pleasant but it will surely drain the procrastination out of you, it will do the trick, taking a cold water shower helps in blood circulation, while hot water dries up our skin & hair, cold water nourishes it which prevents us from having irritating itchy and ashy elbows.

cold water shower helps

You feel invigorated & energized by taking a cold water bath, the heart rate increases and gives you the perfect wake up buzz from last night’s sleep.

Lemon & A Glass Of Water

Water is essential to keep us hydrated, we should start our day by drinking at least 16 ounces of lemon water. it has positive effects on our mood and body.

lemon water

Though it’s not necessary to add a full lemon to it, just a few drops of it and it will work just fine for you. Being rich in Vitamin C it helps in protecting the immune system and helps in weight loss, increases metabolic rate & helping in digestion.

Most people believe that having a set schedule will make them more hungry and will hamper their plan of dieting but on the contrary, these simple morning habits help you in weight loss as it totally depends on how you channelize your day maintain it.


Exercises, yoga, meditation are the most effective and basic routine activities to follow, giving a kick start to your day. Even if you don’t have time to visit gyms or if you can’t pay for health club memberships.

Exercises, yoga, meditation are the most effective

Callisthenics is the answer you are seeking. Exercises, meditations and workouts give a proper warm up to your body. Researchers accept that people who engage in simple callisthenics & workouts are more active in general keeping their body tight & fit.

You build your muscles and physique, stay fit & energised for work and look forward to the day. Exercises and workouts make sure that you burn more fat and your body is longer in the state of lethargy.

It has positive effects on your body as you sleep better, prevent yourself from diabetes & chronic heart diseases.

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You can’t start your day by skipping the most healthy and substantial part of your day. Breakfast being the first meal of the day, shouldn’t be heavy but rich in vitamins, proteins and keeps you energized for the whole day by controlling your appetite.

Breakfast being the first meal of the day

If you suffering from obesity or overweight, I would suggest you do some research and take help of fitness experts and nutritionists to know more about certain food items that help you in weight loss and you must strive to add them in your diet.

Breakfasts filled with eggs, cereals and dairy products help you stay full for extended hours and you avoid eating frequently.


Doing meditation in the morning helps you lose the endorphins, which is important for your well being. Being in a state of silence & peace for 10 minutes helps you regain your focus and develops a good subconsciousness, morning meditations help you become more alert and active throughout the day.

When you engage in meditation, it sets a tone for the whole day. For people who wake up and get started with their cell phones, meditation helps them drop this habit and understand to enjoy the morning vibes of the day.

The best part of meditation is that it only needs 10 to 15 minutes of your focus and you’re all set for the day. In the beginning, it may look a lot but slowly you will embrace those 10 – 15 minutes and look forward to meditating more.

Following these simple morning routines will bring drastic change to your schedule it may not occur to you but slowly it will bring positive effects not only on your health but on your lifestyle as a whole.


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