6 Best Diet And Nutrition Trends To Follow In 2021

Best Diet And Nutrition Trends To Follow

The global food market has changed drastically in the last few years. The evolution of diet and nutrition research studies has emerged as the key player in driving this change. People have become more aware of what they consume and demand informative labeling from food manufacturers and pharma companies. 

Many reliable data sources claim that the post-COVID19 era will be very different for both companies and customers worldwide. Specific trends will take center stage in the coming years, while others will become obsolete.

Food labels worldwide are staying abreast with the latest trends to satisfy consumer demand and expand their outreach. Here is a list of a few of those diet and nutrition trends expected to go big in 2021. These trends are going to be everywhere and dominate the global food industry in the coming years. 

Trend 1: Immunity Boosting Food and Supplements

Immunity Boosting Food and Supplements

The recent health crisis has shifted people’s attention to immunity boosters and nutritional supplements. Having a robust immune system and being healthy has become the need of the hour. Customers are incorporating supplements in their daily diet to improve their overall health. These come in many forms, like pills, powder, and additives that are easy to use.

Dietary supplements brands and pharma firms intend to capitalize on this trend by offering a wide variety of supplements. Many food supplements suit particular needs, like targeting specific health concerns or boost immunity. You can pick the right nutritional supplements for yourself from  syn pharma as they stand out to offer the best quality products. 

Trend 2: Climatarian Diet

Climatarian diet is all about making dietary choices based on the carbon footprint of different food. This environmental-conscious way of eating is making a big splash in the food industry. By adopting a Climatarian diet, people consume environment-friendly foods which are mostly organic and local produce.

The environment and ingredient-conscious customers prefer companies that use measures to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, more companies adopt the Climatarian approach and use innovative technology to keep up with the changing times. Food labels are abstaining from using ingredients that cost the most damage to the planet.  

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Trend 3: Transparency

Modern-day consumers are well informed. They favor food labels that maintain transparency. As per a few reports, transparency is an essential factor for 81% of customers while shopping online or from brick and mortar grocery stores. Consumers expect food companies to share info regarding the ingredients used, their nutritional content, and preparation methods.

Transparency is the newest watchword in the global food industry market. As a growing faction of customers is becoming cautious of their products, conveying transparency on the packaging is becoming a must. By maintaining transparency, labels can build trust and credibility in today’s highly demanding and competitive food industry.

Trend 4: Home Cooking

The pandemic-induced lockdown turned most people to home cooking. It has become the new normal. More and more consumers prefer a home-cooked meal, as it is healthier and cost-effective. The trend of at-home dining is here to stay as eating out could be risky amidst the corona-virus pandemic. 

Social media trends and influencers have also had a considerable role. The shareable media content around food influenced the masses to cook at home. To keep up with this trend, grocery stores have started stocking up a variety of ingredients. You may now find exotic herbs and pre-cooked meals racked up on the shelves of your local store. 

Trend 5: Plant-based food

The public’s rising interest in plant-based food over the years is going to prevail in 2021. There has been a global surge in the demand and supply of such food items. As people are becoming environmental and diet-conscious, they’re opting for cultivated food and letting go of meat products.

Given the myriad health benefits of plant-based food, some health experts urge people to switch from meat to a plant-based diet. Top athletes like Serena Williams and Venus Williams openly promote their vegan lifestyles, which drive a change in the global market.

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Trend 6: Collagen

Emerging research on collagen indicates that the protein possesses several health benefits. From combating signs of aging to providing relief from joint pain, there are plenty of ways in which this insoluble fibrous protein can boost one’s health. The growing body of evidence signifying its efficacy has led to the rise in demand for collagen-based food products.

As per a report, the global collagen market is going to reach $6.6 billion by 2025. Food labels and pharma companies are researching options to discover sources of vegan collagen as well.  

Concluding Remarks

Wellness, fitness, and environmentalism are taking center stage and driving force in the global food industry. People from different walks of life are changing their eating habits. There is a rise in the inclusion of dietary supplements, plant-based food, etc., in the daily diet. 

The above-stated trends indicate that customers are becoming much informed and demanding brands to maintain transparency. Firms are jumping on the trend bandwagon to ensure they meet ever-changing consumer demands in the food industry.


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