5 Easy Ways To Create A Clean Environment Inside Your Home

5 Easy Ways To Create A Clean Environment Inside Your Home

Nowadays, many of us develop lifestyles focused on keeping ourselves healthy. While this most commonly revolves around exercise and the kind of food we eat, people often forget that our surroundings affect us immensely as well. In other words, the home that we live in is where we spend a significant amount of time, so it is very important to make sure that it is as clean as possible. We need to do our best to cleanse our living space of anything that is detrimental to our health.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 simple ways that you can create a clean environment in your home.

Steer clear of chemical-based products

Most people are quite used to using chemical-based cleaners. While they most commonly get the job done, they also pollute the environment that surrounds us every day. This is particularly the case with deep cleaners because they consist of an even larger amount of chemicals. Their toxic nature can be detrimental to our health in the long term, even to the point of causing cancer.

The best idea is to switch to using natural cleaning solutions such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and so on.

Keep the windows open

Every home needs to be properly aired on a daily basis. In fact, keeping the windows open as long as possible makes sure that there is proper circumvention of air in every room. Stale air and pollutants get out while fresh air comes in. When it gets colder, you can open at least one or two windows a couple of times during the day, so that you don’t affect the general temperature and still get the same results.

Of course, it is also crucial to make sure that the air right outside your door is clean as well. If you live in a polluted area, keeping the windows open won’t really make a difference.

Bring plants into your home

Speaking of clear air, you should consider bringing the number one air purifier into your home – plants. It would be a great idea to look for those that not only filter the air around you but also absorb various toxic substances such as formaldehyde or benzene. 

Some of these plants include Peace lily, English ivy, Snake plant, Elephant ear philodendron, Janet Craig dracaena, Chinese evergreen, Gerbera daisy, and so on.

Bring plants into your home

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Wipe the bathroom surfaces

According to the advice from experts, such as house cleaning professionals from Sydney, some of the biggest detriments to our well-being in every home are a product of humidity. This includes mold and mildew which can cause a variety of health issues. Of course, the one room that is the most humid in our home is the bathroom. Every time you take a bath or a shower, you create a lot of moisture that stays in the air for long enough to cause the above-mentioned problems.

What you can do to alleviate this is to carefully wipe all the surfaces in the bathroom after you’re done with a shower or bath. You can use a squeegee on the tub, shower door, the floor, and so on. Furthermore, install a bath fan and make sure that it’s running during and at least 20 minutes after you’re done with your washing routine.

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Use soy candles

Many people are very enthusiastic about using scented candles to make their homes smell nice. However, this is often not such a good idea health-wise. The smell may be pleasant, but if the candles are made out of paraffin wax, they tend to emanate hazardous chemicals. 

However, if you are a fan of scented candles, the good news is that you don’t have to give up on them. What you should do is opt for a replacement in the form of those that are vegetable-based. Soy candles aren’t toxic yet can give you just as wonderful smells as the paraffin ones.

Use soy candles

Final words

When the environment inside your home becomes clean, it is quite possible that you’ll find that some of the health issues that you’ve been having are now gone. This is why it is important to change some of your routines and introduce these five simple tricks. 

The concept of a clean and healthy home is something everyone should strive toward in order to ensure the well-being of everyone that lives and spends time there, especially the kids.


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