5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Digital ad serving has evolved as one of the prime ways to promote your product or brand and enable consumers to convert into loyal customers.

When executed right, it can be a great way to create better awareness, enhance brand value and of course increase customer base.

Digital advertising, as fun as it sounds needs to be taken seriously. With every company, big or small, focusing their efforts to make sure they strike a chord with the audience through digital marketing, you need to ensure that your marketing efforts stand apart from the rest. 

Simply creating campaigns, hoping that your audience will love and convert isn’t the way out. Most companies make the mistake of taking digital marketing as a secondary option.

They feel that just by putting out a few campaigns in Facebook or Twitter, they would be able to garner better awareness or even conversions.

That’s not true! Don’t be one of them. Let’s look at these 5 common mistakes that digital marketers make; those that you absolutely shouldn’t:

#Failing to reach target audience:

The basic principle of any campaign is to define the precise set of target audience. If you are selling baby food, would it make sense to run your campaign across to teenagers? No. Your target audience here would essentially be young mothers, say in an age group of 25 to 35.  

The point is, no matter how good a campaign is it would fail to be successful if you do not target it to the right customers. Understand your target audience and consider the best route to reach out to them through digital channels.

#Not being creative enough:

Online advertising is all about creativity. Be it a banner or a Facebook post, you need to ensure that the ads are captivating enough for users to click on it. 

Marketers make the mistake of simply flooding users with material that is either too verbose or too boring. Irrelevant or too much of content and even wrong call to action can make users completely ignore your ads.

#Don’t talk only about features:

Another common mistake the Media Planning Software make is creating ads that only talk about features of the product or service. Customers do want to know about specific characteristics but probably at a slightly later stage. 

First and foremost, they are interested in how the product/service will be beneficial for the. When already there is so much of content, it is imperative that marketers create material that is extremely relevant and in one glance denote the benefits.

#Not conducting A/B testing:

Another common mistake that marketers make is putting up ad material on digital assets without testing their impact on the brand.

A/B testing is extremely important as it enables you to ensure that whatever content or creative you put up live is able to garner positive attention from the audience.

By not testing your ads, you may miss out on opportunities for conversions. 

Simple ways such as ad placement, thumbnail image, call to action, etc., can have a huge impact on overall conversion. With A/B testing, you can select the best advert to put up live.

#Not putting a frequency cap:

Just because you have plenty of marketing budgets does not mean you should repeatedly display same kinds of ads every single time. 

If users see too many similar ads, they develop a blind spot for them. Through experience, put a cap on the number and frequency of times a particular ad is to be displayed. Also, remember to keep refreshing your creative’s so that users will enticed to click on the.

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