The Top 5 Challenges That Mobile App Developer Face

The Top 5 Challenges That Mobile App Developer Face

Working as a mobile developer is not an easy task. It is a path filled with full of challenges and these challenges will convert into experience further.

Because we all knew that many of the peoples are spend more time on mobile phones. Because of these facts many organizations and companies were trying to build their applications and want to move their business on a mobile application.

So here we will discuss the top 5 challenges that are faced by a developer during mobile app development.

  1. Develop an app which get noticed by others:

As we all know that there is a huge competition in mobile application marketing. Already many mobile applications are developed with the same functionality as, online shopping, social media applications, and etc. So it gets very difficult to build an application which gets noticed by the user. Now the question arises in the mind that, How to build an application which gets noticed?

  • Analyze or Validate Your Idea:

You have to first validate your idea and make sure that what you actually want to develop. What is the main problem for which you are developing an application and what is the main functionality of the application? This makes you clear about the purpose behind building an application.

  • Know the market of the application:

What is the market your application target? Where your application will be sold? Who are the targeted audiences? You have to clarify yourself regarding your questions. Getting answers to these question make you sure that what kind of the market your application will target and which audiences will use your application. This will help you to make the marketing plan for your application and you will easily focus on your application development.

  • Do full research on your competitor:

According to the business perspective, you also have many competitors. First, you should do full research on them, like their targeted audiences, their designs, their loopholes, their weak points, and also their strong points. By doing research about them help you to build a better application whether it solves the same problems.

  1. Follow The Development of Mobile Operating System:

When you play a game, then first you do full research about the playground on which you will play. This concept is the same for mobile application development. When you develop an application then first you have to know about the platform or operating system on which your application will run.

Because of there are many mobiles with different OS and screen sizes and if we talk about the only Android, it also had many versions like a jellybean, KitKat, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat, Oreo, pear. This variation affects the features of your application according to the different devices. And if the OS gets a new update then you must be ready to do bug fixing of it.

To deal with this major challenge the first and major suggestion is to release the beta version of your mobile application first. This will helps you to test the OS features and responsiveness of your application according to the different screen sizes. You have to make the entire testing plan on different steps.

  1. Build the application with great UX/UI:

An application is called a good application when it is easy and simple to use so it gives a good experience to the user. An application is always made with a good UX/UI design so that everything is clear to the user and don’t get confused while using that particular application. To develop an application with good UX/UI requires full research and experience. Usually every application developers need a UX/UI designer because of well knowledge about the basics of the UX/UI designing.

  1. Develop Application with good architecture:

As a developer, you should develop your application with good architecture. It not only help you to fix your bugs find at the time of testing phase but also if a develop want to join you in future, it is easy to understand the architecture to him. Besides all these things a good architecture also gives a good performance to your application.

  1. Give attention to the user:

Customer feedback is the backbone of the development of an application. When you match the customer feedback, you get a much clear picture of how a user uses your application? Why the user uses a single feature of your application much time? Sometimes customer feedback is not according to our expectations and we get upset. But it is a challenge for us to answer them with a great solution to their problem. Customers will tell you what they exactly want and you should have the ability to fulfill their requirement.


All these challenges a mobile application developer faces. To build a good application you have to know about both that “What you have to do” and “What you shouldn’t do“. The best thing is to hire mobile app development company India for development. Do you have any challenge faced different from the mention challenges? Feel free to share your experience, I love to hear that. I hope this article helps you to develop a better and user engaging application.


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