10 Vital Questions to Ask Before Hiring DUI Attorney

10 Vital Questions to Ask Before Hiring DUI Attorney

No matter if you were found driving a vehicle with an increased BAC or were arrested for operating a vehicle under sheer impairment brought about by your prescribed drugs – the legal system takes DUI charges very seriously.

Getting arrested with DUI charge can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful experience. You would have a plethora of things at stake including your license, reputation, and of course money.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, you need a Cobb County DUI lawyer for handling your case effectively.

A DUI charge is a serious thing and you require somebody with you who knows as to what should be done to get positive outcomes. That being said, choosing a lawyer randomly on the internet is not at all a great idea. You should ask for recommendations and conduct certain research.

Finally, you can get your consultation scheduled where you may try to know your potential attorney better.

If you are not really sure about what you should ask your prospective DUI attorney before hiring him/her, read on to know the 10 must-ask questions that are the key to select the best Cobb County DUI attorney:

  • Do you have a specialization in DUI cases?

Some attorneys happen to be just general practice lawyers, who cannot really be reliable when it comes to DUI cases. It is crucial for you to hire an attorney who has specialization in dealing with DUI cases. Hence, ask your potential lawyer upfront about the area s/he specializes in. If s/he specializes in multiple areas, ask how many DUI cases s/he takes up per year approximately.

  • How accessible can I expect you to be?

It is quite likely that you must be eager to know as to how accessible your potential lawyer will be when working with you. Hence, ask him/her about his/her appointment and communication policies.

Some lawyers might not prefer taking texts and phone calls at specific hours of the day, while others might be unavailable for weekend appointments. You need to be clear about these policies to avoid problems and inconveniences in the long run.

  • What are the potential results of my DUI case?

A lawyer cannot promise you a specific result for your case, but s/he must be capable of describing a worst or best expected result for you. Hence, ask your potential DUI attorney to explain his/her anticipations about your case clearly to you.

  • How are you planning to handle my DUI case?

Your prospective DUI lawyer must be capable of explaining you as to how s/he is planning to deal with your case. S/he must even be capable of explaining you the expected courtroom scenarios. So, ask your lawyers his/her planned course of action for dealing with your DUI case.

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  • How do you generally charge?

DUI charge can be really very expensive at the first place. In such a scenario, understanding what your extra attorney charges would be can possibly help you in planning accordingly. So, ask your prospective DUI attorney whether s/he charges hourly, has a flat rate, or has any other payment policy option.

  • Tell me about the most recent DUI case that you won

Any reliable DUI lawyer must have an immediate instance s/he can recall right away. However, if your prospective DUI lawyer struggles to recall one or does not has any recent example, you should immediately drop your choice.

  • Why do you think you can handle my DUI case better than the other lawyers?

It is important to ask your potential DUI lawyer as to why s/he thinks that s/he is prepared better to deal with your DUI case in comparison to the other available lawyers. The answer the lawyer gives you to this question will help you in knowing how confident s/he is about winning your case and about his/her own abilities.

  • What can be done if I cannot afford paying you upfront?

Your potential DUI lawyer would let you know the various payment policies available for you, which can help you in retaining his/her services without worrying about your financial space. Your lawyer may just ask you for collateral or let you not pay anything upfront and make every payment after the case has been closed.

  • Do you possess courtroom experience?

It is very important that your prospective DUI lawyer has a good courtroom experience and knows how to find loopholes in the prosecution’s presentations for swinging the entire case easily to your side. So, before relying on a Cobb County DUI lawyer, consider asking him/her about his/her courtroom experience.

  • Would you be analyzing any evidence other than BAC?

Although you might feel that you do not have any chance as the arresting inspector has got sufficient proof for showing you were driving under the influence of alcohol, yet the DUI defense attorneys see things in a different manner. So, ask your prospective DUI lawyer about the various pieces of evidences s/he will be analyzing in your case.


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