10 Natural beauty Tips: Pamper yourself from Head to Toe Naturally

Natural beauty recipes Tips

Being beautiful and staying beautiful is as much about possessing good genes as it is about maintaining yourself. If you want to maintain yourself till your old age then there’s nothing more assuring or dependable than natural remedies or Natural Beauty tips.

Nature is a treasure trove of secrets to maintaining and caring for your beauty. From head to toes you can take care of every part of your body naturally.

A number of natural ingredients are available right in every kitchen all through the day, simply mix and match them to your need and get gorgeous skin, hair, and body.

10 Natural Beauty Recipes Secrets

Natural Beauty Secrets tips

Here are some natural beauty secrets tips which you can apply to keep yourself pretty and ageless.

  • Hair care products:

For a gorgeous head of hair, try this clarifying shampoo. This can be used once a month to get rid of the build-up from your regular hair care products.

You will need to mix some of your regular shampoo, a bit of tea tree oil and one teaspoon of baking soda.

Massage it on the scalp and root especially, to get rid of dead skin cells and any kind of product build up. Wash with warm water.

  • Use Scalp:

If you have dry skin your scalp needs this special cleansing scrub to provide moisture to the follicles and treat the dry skin on your scalp.

Mix two spoonful sea salts, the same amount of coconut oil and lemon juice. Wet your hair and rub the mixture on your scalp for sometime and then rinse with warm water.

  • Face Care:

The face is an important part of the body and the one that everyone is more concerned about. Keeping the face clean is essential because oiliness and dirt can cause pimples and rashes.

Olive oil or la girl pro concealer is the perfect solution to this problem. It contains antioxidants which are effective for keeping the skin clean and providing extra moisture.

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It also acts as an anti-aging formula. You can add some essential oil to the drops of olive oil in your palm. Rub in circular motions on your face and there is no need to wipe away the remains.

  • Detoxifying Cleansers

Detoxifying cleansers are very helpful for cleaning away excess oil and dead skin cells. You can make a combination of 10 charcoal capsules and a ¼ cup of bentonite clay.

Add to that ¼ cup of ground oats and some drops of lavender and tea tree oil. You will need to make fine dust of the oats before mixing all of them. If stored properly it can last for up to six months.

While using you will need to mix a few drops of water and then massage on the skin. If you want to keep it on as a mask then let it stay for about 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

  • Treatment of Blackheads

Blackheads are a common problem for teenagers and even some adults. It gives the skin a spotted appearance, especially around the nose. If you want to remove the blackheads completely try this pack using half a teaspoon of clay, one-fourth of lemon juice and 1 egg white.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. If it seems too thick add a few drops of water. Keep it for about five minutes and then wash off with warm water.

  • Use of Scrubs

Scrubs are so important for getting rid of the dead skin cells that create blackish spots on the skin. Sugar is considered an excellent exfoliator and has been used by women for ages.

It is easily available in the kitchen. Just mix some brown sugar with coconut oil and rub on the skin in circular motions.

Rub all over the face except the eyes and let it stay for a few minutes. Then wash off with warm water and watch how the skin seems shiny and sparkling.

  • Moisturising

Just as cleaning the face is important, moisturising the same is also necessary. It keeps the skin healthy and shiny. Make your own daily moisturiser by mixing 3 ounces of Argan oil, 1 ounce of shea butter, 10 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of lemongrass, and chamomile drops 6 drops.

Let the shea butter melt and mix properly with Argan oil before adding the extra ingredients. Mix gently and apply on your neck and face every day.

  • Vitamin E

Just as your skin needs a light day cream it also needs a heavier night cream that can allow the skin to repair itself while you are sleeping.

Coconut oil is the best natural moisturizer which can be combined with Vitamin E to treat wrinkles and fine lines. Mix a cup of coconut oil with half a tea-spoon of Vitamin E oil and one-fourth spoonful of tea tree oil.

Makes sure that the coconut oil has been whipped properly before the other ingredients have been mixed. Store it properly so that it lasts for about 6 months. Ideally, clean your skin before applying the moisturiser at night.

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  • Natural Soaps

Natural soaps like the Hibiscus soap are great for your skin. But if you prefer body wash to soaps then here is a natural one that you can use daily.

Again, coconut is an important ingredient here because of its moisturising property. Add one-fourth cup of coconut milk with one-third cup of castile soap in liquid form.

Give it a sweet perfume by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil like lavender or even lemongrass. You can mix all the ingredients together and store in a bottle. Use in shower with washcloth or loofah.

  • Foot Scrub

A foot scrub is very useful for keeping the feet soft and smooth. The skin underneath your feet is hard so you need a powerful exfoliator to remove all the hard-dead skins.

Try mixing three parts fine sea salt to one part of coarse sea salt. You will need to add a part of olive oil and the same amount of coconut oil to it.

Don’t forget to put a few drops of essential oil of peppermint for a nice smell. Rub a bit of it on your feet and wash with some warm water.

Pamper yourself with these easy natural beauty treatments in the comfort of your home and stay beautiful.


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